Scents of Emotion

Perfume has the power to awaken your energetic field. Discover Yasmin Sewell's wellness venture Vyrao featuring five fragrances that are designed to liberate emotions.

Witchy Woo, I am Verdant and Magnetic 70 sound like potions straight from the cauldron, and, in a sense, they are. Conjured up by fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell, who enlisted the expertise of perfumer Lyn Harris and quantum energist Louise Mita, Vyrao is a multi-dimensional wellness brand grounded in aura and emotion, reflected in its five debut “high-vibration” fragrances. 

“The fragrances are designed as playful mood boosters, a way of integrating positive energy into everyday life,” says Yasmin, who, alongside a 22-year career rich in design, has studied forms of energetic healing, including reiki and integrative quantum medicine. “Scent is emotional. It evokes powerful feelings, and vivid memories, energises the spirit and awakens the mind.” 

While I am Verdant is said to tap into transformation and illumination with notes of bergamot, Witchy Woo promotes courage and creativity with nutmeg, orris and patchouli, with each bottle housing a naturally sourced, energetically-charged Herkimer diamond crystal, believed to clear any energy blocks. 

“The Vyrao project totally inspired me as a perfumer,” says Lyn Harris. “It feels like the right time to create fragrance that is more than a beautiful smell, one that helps you connect with life and yourself. Yasmin came to my laboratory and got totally involved. “She told me ‘This is what I feel Lyn’ – she talked about empowerment, liberation and magnetism, and I’m the lucky one who got to translate her ideas.”

Witchy Woo Eau du Parfum

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