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Vicky Rader

Ukrainian-born and Munich-based, the creative powerhouse behind Viky Rader Studio talks conscious luxury, motherhood and dressing with impact this season

Chasseur jacket in brushed mohair

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What luxury means to you.

Luxury is timelessness and this is the focus at the studio: timeless shapes inspired by icons. Circulatory too - using a fabric that may be five or six years old to cut into a one of a kind blazer or coat is luxury today.

Who inspires you.

My business partner Cosimo is the best example of how to restyle and reuse pieces - he only invests in special pieces that he wears over and over and still looks chic. This is where we’re heading in our new future. It’s about investing in iconic pieces and reusing. Amongst the people I admire are Karl Lagergeld; Thierry mugler; Azzedine Alaia. And personalities I always have in my mind are Kate Moss, Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly.

The woman you’d like to grow to be.

I’m so inspired by Angelie Jolie and was so happy when she visited Ukraine. She stands for something. It’s not all words, but actions.

Your recent work in Ukraine.

Since 21 February, my life has changed completely as I’ve been helping to transport and rehome women and children fleeing Ukraine. My father is still there and we can't get him out for the moment so we are hoping, praying and directing all good energy towards him and the whole country. It's been very emotional. Viky Rader Studio has always committed 50% of its profits to giving back and now 25% of that goes towards our Ukrainian project. We have an entire Ukraine team now! We’re trying to create an environment for women and children that is more than just a house, it’s a home, so I am also grateful to our German partners who have been a huge help with that. Dr. Barbara Sturm sent skincare products which have given women a chance to feel normal which is so important. We’ve built an amazing community of people who are so supportive - a network that helps people reach us.

What you do to get headspace.

I feel so alive in the mountains or by the sea. The best beach vacation I’ve had is in the Maldives - it’s a place where I can lose myself in nature, go barefoot and deeply relax. In the mountains, we go to Tegernsee Lake. There’s also a resort in South Tyrol I’m planning to go to with Barbara Sturm called Mirabel. You can spend the whole day in your bathrobe eating great Italian food surrounded by the mountains, and llamas!

The items that will forever be in your wardrobe.

A blazer, an Hermes bag, a statement coat, the perfect pair of jeans, my treasured oversized shirt, and a pair of sunglasses.

Representing Ukraine

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How to dress with impact now.

One of my green or pink short suits with a t-shirt and summer flats or sneakers - is dressed but not overdressed. Since the pandemic, I’ve been so much more experimental with my style, and I can always adapt a good suit with a shirt or lace underwear, heels or loafers. That’s why I wanted tailoring in the collection - if I don’t know what to wear or I'm not feeling creative, a suit just works.

Where you go to escape
, at home and away.

My kids’ playroom - the world changes right there. It's my safe space where we can just be silly and be ourselves. It might be just one hour a day but I'm so grateful for that hour.

A place you’ll always return to.

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda - a very special place where my husband and I spent our first weekend away together. We go every year for our anniversary - 12 years now.

A book you would pass on.

Eat Pray Love.

The last thing you added to your wardrobe

A beautiful white summer knit midi dress with sexy cut-outs at the back and you feel so special in it.

Shades of blue

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Viky on holiday in the Maldives

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"It’s about pieces that bring pleasure and joy - that give something back."

Viky Rader

Your beauty staples.

I love makeup but like it to be natural-looking so I concentrate on healthy skin. I adore Barbara Sturm’s glow drops, hyaluronic acid and night ampoules. I don’t use foundation, just a concealer, a light powder or highlighter and face mist. I also have a thing for Hermes and Dior lipsticks - I have five or six in my handbag. I'm working with a brand on a lipstick line: along with sunglasses - essential!

Your most treasured possession.

My kids and family.

The piece of jewellery that means the most

My three rings - an ‘M,’ ‘L’ and ‘A’ after my children Matteo, Luca and Athena. They’re custom-made by a German brand and I wear them everyday.

Viky with one of her children

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Timeless pieces

@vikyandthekid // Instagram

An artist whose work you will always return to

My husband and I are passionate about collecting art. Damien Hirst is one of our favourite artists, but we also enjoy discovering emerging artists at auction. It’s about pieces that bring pleasure and joy - that give something back. My dream is to buy a Monet or Picasso.

The pieces to invest in from Viky Rader Studio.

The Maleon pants (Barbara has a pair) or the Costemali blazer: our bestseller. The idea behind Viky Rader Studio is to have one great shape for a suit or coat that can be repeated every season in different colours and fabrics. I really want to try and build around this.

On your wishlist.

Peace for the whole world.


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