Travel In Toteme

From lazy beach days to balmy evenings with friends

Summer packing just got easier, and infinitely more chic. Stockholm-based Toteme has been perfecting modern “uniform” dressing since its founding by creative power couple Karl Lindman and Elin Kling in 2014. The brand thrives on timeless, well-cut staples, from crisp white shirts and just-oversized blazers to classic blue jeans and cable-knit sweaters. Colours are kept neutral and designs minimal. 

Dubbed “Travel in Toteme,” the brand’s summer holiday capsule keeps to the ethos. Inspired by the Hamptons, where Elin and Karl share fond memories, the collection features nautical nods of stripes and crochet, head scarves, bucket hats, canvas beach bags and swimsuits, while white linen and sand-coloured cotton coords are just the easy, breezy coverups to sail through summer in. 

“I have a pretty casual approach to summer dressing. I like breezy trousers and thin voluminous knits mixed with more feminine silhouettes, like a skirt and cardigan, to show off a fresh tan. No matter the occasion, my intention is to always feel effortless and comfortable,” says Elin. 

Photographer Theo Wenner, who grew up in The Hamptons, captures the mood to a tee in the campaign, documenting days on the beach, out in the salty sea air.

Toteme Monogram dress

@rosiehw // Instagram

"I’m not a packing expert but from my experience, packing light always makes your look more focused in the end. Toteme’s crinkled silk pieces, my favourite go-tos, always look good even after hours squashed in the suitcase."

Elin Kling


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