The Super-Natural Kate Moss

Slip into the world of supermodel Kate Moss’s CosMoss. Her vegan brand is built around soothing rituals, earthy scents, lotions and potions that rejuvenate the skin and uplift the spirits

When supermodel Kate Moss put her mind to creating a well-being brand a few years ago, she went all in channelling her own experience of finding stability and harmony into high functioning products that uplift the spirits and care for the inside and out. 

The style icon who ushered in a new era of naturalistic beauty back in the early 90s, has lived many lives in her now nearly 50 years inspiring and collaborating with generations of designers, image makers and artists. Not given to speaking out, she remained the silent super (save that crackling, infectious laugh) and her star halo grew and grew.

Outside of the ‘Super’ bubble and being the ‘Face of…’ Moss wanted to create her own thing and pulled on her own experience of re-rooting herself (sober, centred) with the help of expert naturopath and shamanic healer, Victoria Young and entrepreneur Pawel Walicki, CEO of Warsaw Creatives. COSMOSS, (named after the giant daisy flower in Moss’s Cotswold wildflower meadow) was born in 2022. It’s a wellbeing brand with clarity, a dose of sweet woo and without all the puritanical puff surrounding the clean beauty business. 

Kate Moss

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Kate for Vogue France

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There are Dawn and Dusk teas to uplift and soothe from the inside, Golden Nectar Serum (featuring tears of Chios, blackberry oil, rosemary, and chia extract); newly introduced Face Cream (including moss, rose hip oil, vitamin E and shea butter) and the best-selling Sacred Mist scent (with base notes of oak moss, cedar wood tonka bean).  Moss is the sole investor in the evolving COSMOSS, a venture alongside the Kate Moss Agency (KMA), being a mum, friend and partner that fulfils dawn to dusk. 


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