The Spustova Stack

The modern-day collectibles that celebrate womanhood

“Fine jewellery from the womb” is the poignant message behind Zuzana Spustova’s eponymous jewellery line. Inspired by her journey in pregnancy and motherhood, and a bout of postnatal depression with her second son, Zuzana began designing as a form of therapy, and with children in mind. “I saw a little girl on the street wearing jewellery and I thought it might be nice to buy some jewellery for my baby son,” says Zuzana. “I couldn’t find a piece that spoke to me, that would be practical and that could grow with my baby, so I decided to develop a bracelet that met this criteria, featuring 100% Japanese silk ribbon so the bracelets could grow with its wearer - my baby.” And so Spustova’s Alphabet collection was born - 18k rose gold or diamond letters thread onto a single gold chain (for mother) or ribbon (for baby). 

“What was healing was the therapeutic sense of expressing my creativity. As I was in such a poor mental state, there was really nothing to lose by following my instinct. Having various dialogues with creative people really helped me come through the hardest period of my life, and I am so thankful I’ve embarked on this journey.” This eventually led to a collaboration with Bonpoint for which Zuzana designed a piece of jewellery called ‘My first diamond.’ 

Louise Diamond Surface Bracelets

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Audace De-Tris Solitaire Vertical, Horizontal and Mono Rings

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“All my ideas and all that I do is quite autobiographical, and is coming from within - an expression of femininity and female-hood.”

Zuzana Spustova

@zuzanaspustova // Instagram

From baby’s bracelets to the everyday-luxe AUDACE stacking pinky rings that have earned a cult following, heralded by Hailey Bieber, Spustova’s success is grounded in the fact that motherhood is at its core. “All of our jewellery is made to order with a lead time of three to four weeks, produced with a second-generation family atelier in Naples. As a mother of three and female entrepreneur, this model allows me to have more freedom and to be able to take breaks when I feel like it, which I think is very necessary for every mother.”

Spustova’s latest collection, LOUISE, is “inspired by birth and invites rebirth” and was recently worn by longstanding collaborator Rikke Krefting at the birth of her daughter. “It felt super special to know she was wearing her LOUISE bracelet while giving birth to her daughter as it is my most personal piece,” says Zuzana. “We’ve been collaborating with Rikke since 2020 and I consider it so holistic as she’s very supportive of my brand and loves the pieces, wearing them everyday.” Her “Rikke stack” of AUDACE rings is also to be desired. 

“As for Hailey, it felt really great and quite surreal,” says Zuzana of her following. “She could wear anything she wants and yet keeps wearing her AUDACE ring over and over again in different stacks through the years. 

But without doubt, Zuzana’s musings start at home. “The most happy I am is when my family wears my jewellery. My mother, my sister, my children, and my husband proudly wearing my pieces is what feels very special for me.”

Rikke Stack of AUDACE rings

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