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Xiayan Guo

On the Paris beat with Chinese creative and model, @gxiayan. After moving to the city to study, Xiayan has garnered a dedicated following thanks to her languid less is more style. 

Xiayan at the Valentino SS23 Escape

@gxiayan // Instagram

What are five pieces in your ‘forever wardrobe’?                          

Jeans by Studio Doe, my Saint Laurent blazer, Holzweiler basic white T’s, Anine Bing black trousers and a silk slip dress from Rat & Boa.

The piece of jewellery you never take off?                      

My Bulgari Serpenti Ring  - gifted by my boyfriend. 

When did you begin modelling? 

I entered the fashion industry as a digital content creator, then gradually modelling opportunities presented themselves. Everything became intertwined, as brands sought my expertise for styling campaigns and so forth. I still prioritise creating my own content. I feel most inspired and alive on set when brands and photographers trust me to disregard conventional processes and allow me to experiment  - that’s when the best ideas come to the surface.

What is your earliest memory of Paris? 

Before coming to Paris, I always dreamed of being here. It’s the capital of fashion and the city of love. My souvenir from home is my “Chinese stomach.”

Vynl Iconic Crop Jacket

@gxiayan // Instagram


Tunes to get ready to?

The Monica Bellucci version of Paroles Paroles. 

Who is your style influence?

I don’t have a singular icon but turn to  photographers like Parisienne based Jean Ambrojo (@j_ambrojo),  photo-journalist @pierrot who just released his first book Tropisms capturing visual anthropology across the South Pacific, @c__l__o studio, the Shanghai-based image maker and @lesliezhang1992, @sophiepinet and @gentlemanmodern who all inspire my personal, sexy-minimalist aesthetic.

On a day off in Paris, what’s your beat ?  

I’m not a super social person and I appreciate a silent moment at home to unwind. If I’m out indulging, my haunts are Sinner, La Plume and Ojii.

Xiayan at Paris Fashion Week

@gxiayan // Instagram

Holidaying in Mongolia

@gxiayan // Instagram

Where did you do this summer? 

I went back to China with my boyfriend marking his first trip to my hometown and meeting the family. We waited so long for this opportunity: with lockdown it’s now been over three years. We visited Inner Mongolia, for a magical riding safari.

When off the clock?

I love to lie in, listen to music as much as I do working out. I’m a summer girl who loves a walk in the sunshine and am quite adverse to the cold. During Paris winters, I nest!

What does luxury mean to you?

Freedom, unlimited time, fresh air, sunshine and love. 

Xiayan in Paris

@gxiayan // Instagram

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