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Sophia Roe

The creative director with an ethereal, timeless air reveals the pieces and places she cherishes the most, and the ethos behind her brand The Garment

Influencer Sophia Roe wearing The Garment Verbier Vest

The Garment Verbier Vest

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The items that will forever be in your wardrobe.

Vintage Oscar De La Renta, The Garment Verbier dress, my first Chanel bag, and Celine overalls.

What luxury means to you.

Luxury to me is having time to take time. It’s important for me, as such a perfectionist, to enjoy the things I commit my heart and time to. Essentially luxury means lasting, whether that’s within fashion, by investing in a special piece I’ve found, or making lifelong memories. 

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"Sustainability is about owning less and buying right. It's about acquiring garments intended for a long life of relevancy."

Sophia Roe

The Garment Belgium Coat

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Artwork by Joan Miró

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Where you go to escape

When I was a child, I could sit for hours in my room all alone and totally forget about time or space. I’d be in my own world, in my dreams, creating. 

My mother is a dreamer too and because of her, acknowledging my passion and creativity, I have always had the courage and confidence to pursue a career embracing that. Still as an adult I do the very same. I often find myself escaping and it is the most wonderful feeling. Hard work isn’t hard when done with love. 

The last thing you added to your wardrobe

I just bought myself the most wonderful vintage Hermès blazer jacket. I found it interesting to add into my wardrobe as the fabric is so well chosen and the fit is still relevant. 
It has lasted many seasons in someone else’s closet and now it’s in mine. The pieces that are made so well that they’ll surpass seasons.

What you do to get headspace.

I sit by my piano. I’ve been playing classical music since I was a little girl and have never fallen out of love with it. 

A wellness ritual that you swear by.

To invest in yourself is an investment in and to everyone around you. 
To me, the most selfless act of kindness and love is towards yourself. 

Your most treasured possession.

I will always be very fond of my floral Chanel bomber jacket I finally found after a long search. For sure a keeper!

Sophia Roe wearing Chanel bomber jacket

Chanel bomber jacket

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Can Lis by Jørn Utzon, Mallorca

Can Lis by Jørn Utzon, Mallorca

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The piece of jewelry that means the most

I have a Fendi watch that I got from my very first campaign ever. 
I wear it occasionally, but will keep it as a memory of my very first job. 

An artist whose work you will always return to

Josef Frank. 

One of the reasons I love going to Stockholm is to see the impact that the architect has had on the city. Still today, his creations have a modern feeling to them. 

On your wishlist.

A fruitful year including health, great travels, amazing food together with my boyfriend and family, and a successful period for my creativity and my own brand, The Garment. And maybe a house by the sea and a vintage Birkin - just dreaming!

Three pieces to invest in from The Garment’s latest collection.

I am currently living in the Oslo dress. It’s made from boiled wool and creates a beautiful silhouette. It feels effortless to jump into when I’m rushing out the door - sometimes with suit pants underneath or sometimes with stockings. Day or night, I wear the Verbier dress. A classic that will survive though many seasons in my closet for sure. And I love wearing the ruffled Boston shirt with oversized jeans and a belt. To me, it’s a feminine nod to the ever-classic white shirt.

The Garment Oslo Dress

@sophiaroe // Instagram



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