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Rikke Krefting Ulstein

The Norwegian influence on hygge, high fashion and London as a new mother 

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Wearing Galvan Ushuaia satin halterneck gown

@rikkekrefting // Instagram


What luxury means to you.

To me, luxury is wellbeing and what I call ‘practical wellness’: surrounding oneself with influences of fashion, art, interiors, people and practices that uplift the spirits day by day.

Share an earliest memory in London.

My first trip to London was on a university tour, travelling from Norway with my parents to visit LCF where I would later complete my Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and follow on to Istituto Marigoni for a Masters in Fashion Communication, Media and PR. I’ve now been living in the city for over a decade with my husband, Ole Martin and now our 5 month old baby girl Una.

Where and when did your photography practice begin?

I never properly studied photography but began shooting objets with my iPhone and developed an unstaged aesthetic that attracted an organic following. After a stint in PR at Tom Ford, I took the leap of faith going freelance and becoming a creator full time.

What do you ask yourself before making a purchase?

I always ask ‘Will I use this when I grow old?’ and ‘Would I hand this down to my daughter?’

Rikke in London

@rikkekrefting // Instagram

Your thoughts on authenticity in the influencer space. 

We as humans seek inspiration from one another and this can be a beautiful thing, yet equally intimidating when you’re trying to establish your original narrative and others are repurposing your imagery. The first instinct might be to change tack though the biggest lesson I’ve learned as a creator is to trust in what is natural to you. 

As a new mother, this has meant re-examining my own personal and public persona and how I maintain the privacy of home life. I see an interesting opportunity to diffuse unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a wife and mother by sharing glimpses of my at home life and lessening my content output. It's a beautiful, offline-online journey. 

Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff

@rikkekrefting // Instagram


Chanel Tweed Dress

@rikkekrefting // Instagram

A few of your current collaborators.

I love collaborating with Chanel, which has always been a dream and I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton and, most recently, Rhode in the beauty space. Hailey got in touch through Instagram and couldn’t be sweeter.

What’s in the pipeline?

I also have a few new collaborations underway, including with Christopher Esber who’s dresses I’ve adored for years. I am also in the process of releasing a collection with my brilliant friend, Oslo-based jeweller Zuzana Spustova.

@rikkekrefting // Instagram

On your wishlist.

Practicality is at the fore and I so enjoy walking to meetings with Una. If I’m going to splurge, it's more likely going to be on jewels. I never take off my Sputstova diamonds, worn on my pinky fingers.

What experts did you turn to when renovating your new home?

One of my favourite finds is the Swedish based ¨Nordiska Galleriet¨ who I began working with as it made its foray into the Norwegian market. 

With our second place in London we have gone for a more cognac and crème hued, Scandi aesthetic, bringing «hygge» into our home. I’m thrilled unearthing vintage pieces on Vinterior from designers like Marcel Brauer and I find a lot of inspiration from Goldborne 44, for the finishing  touches like vintage lamps.

Spustova Ring Stack

@rikkekrefting // Instagram

Rikke in Côte d'Azur wearing Christopher Esber Venus Dress

@rikkekrefting // Instagram

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Your style influence.

Jane Birkin and of course Carolyn Bessette.

On the travel itinerary.

I’ve never experienced this longing for just being at home and entertaining our family and friends from Norway and Switzerland. But I would be very happy to revisit Les Roches Rouge again in France.


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