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Mandy Madden

The founder of Pagerie, a luxury accessory brand dedicated to dogs, California dwelling Mandy Madden, talks us through her mindful ways

Mandy in Chanel

@mandymadd // Instagram

What’s on the summer schedule?

Right now, I’m taking a step back to prioritise quality over quantity in every aspect of my life. This means putting self-care front and center, prioritising meaningful relationships and consciously directing my energy towards welcoming positive experiences and opportunities to better myself. It’s a time of rest, self reflection and gaining a perspective on life through art and literature. 

Top wardrobe treasures?

My curated wardrobe starts with versatile essentials like Toteme Tank Tops (in every colour), my The Row Zipped Boots (an evergreen and so comfortable) and the finishing touch of a Pagerie Feritti silk scarf.

Who are your mentors?

My husband, LA based architect Kevin Kelley, is the epitome of a mentor and source of inspiration for me. His unwavering support and encouragement brings me strength: a lighthouse of hope as I navigate life's endeavours. What else would one wish for in a companion?

Your journey into self-care?

Growing up in both Romania and New Zealand as a child of colour made me feel like I always had to prove my identity, trying to fit in but never quite being able to. All I wanted was acceptance, so I turned to self-care practices realising that self-care was about more than just pampering - it was about nurturing and celebrating the body too. From taking baths, to putting masks on my skin, to dressing well; these simple acts became transformative as I grew into adulthood. My daughter is also learning and benefiting from these principles from an early age. Self-care is more than vanity and superficiality - it's a powerful tool.

Mandy's Toiletry Kit

@mandymadd // Instagram

"I turned to self-care practices realising that self-care was about more than just pampering - it was about nurturing and celebrating the body."

What inspired your lifestyle brand for four-legged friends, Le Monde de Pagerie?

Our four-legged friends offer us unwavering loyalty and Pagerie offers quality over quantity through timeless craftsmanship and sustainable designs.

Talk us through your daily rituals. 

Warm lemon water and pilates to wake up and centre before a long walk with our dogs Hector and Remi. When I return home I practice my daily mantras as I prepare for the day ahead.

Shoot with Mandy

@mandymadd // Instagram

Mandy in Turks and Caicos

@mandymadd // Instagram

Where do you turn for headspace?

I turn to alternative music like jazz, bossa nova and gentle meditation that stimulates feelings of introspection. I love the elegant complexity of jazz meanwhile, meditation helps encourage positive thought patterns and an inner tranquillity that carries me through the day. 

How about your favourite destination escape?

Visiting Turks and Caicos last New Year was so rewarding. My daughter Kaia, Kevin and I danced until our feet ached and soaked up every minute of the warm sun. 

Walk us through your skincare routine.

My routine includes 2x a week exfoliation and masks by LESSE Official and ample sun protection. You’ll always find Summer Fridays’ Shade Drops Sunscreen and Blush Balm Sticks plus Oribe’s Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil in my bag for a clean, on-to-go, glow. 

Your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession is an heirloom necklace handed down from my great grandmother, carrying with it a legacy of strong women who have contributed to our family. 

I am also building my Coco Crush High Jewellery Collection – so timeless and chic.

Sunday pleasures?

Sundays are sacred a time for me to pause, reflect, and recharge. Our routine includes a family brunch, a local hike or visit to the farmers market and an afternoon family cuddle over a film or book. 

Home in Malibu

@mandymadd // Instagram


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