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Lily Aldridge

From the Met Gala to life on the go as a model and mother, we welcome our influence Lily Aldridge.

Lily at The Met Gala 2022 with the Victoria’s Secret Angels

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

What do you do in terms of preparation for a big event like the Met Gala?

Joanna Czech is incredible to see before a big event, she helps keep my skin clean, clear and glowing! I love her technique wirh the Lyma laser, which I also used at home leading up to Gala.

From Victoria’s Secret Angel to Ralph Lauren Ambassador, how has your perception of beauty evolved throughout your impressive career?

I always think of my great Aunt Stella when I think of beauty. To me she was and will forever be the most beautiful woman in the world; she exuded kindness and love. Beauty for me is all about the inside. 

You were raised in a really creative family - please give us a glimpse into that background? 

Fashion and art have always been a huge part of my life for which I'm very grateful. My family was very artistic; my late father was an illustrator known for his prominent pop imagery in the 60s and my brother Miles continues in dad’s legacy as an artist and photographer in London. They, along with my husband and musician Caleb Followill, continue to inspire my own use of creativity as an important outlet. 

Lily at the Met Gala 2022 Wearing Khaite

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

Lily at Vanity Fair Soirée

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

"Fashion and art have always been a huge part of my life for which I'm very grateful."

Lily Aldridge

As a California girl residing in Nashville and NYC but with British roots – how does that mix come together in your style and attitude?

My style changes depending on which city I'm in. My surroundings influence how I'll dress each day.

I have a-lot of pieces I love, but some of my most treasured include my  collection of rock n’ roll shirts from shows over the years… one day I’ll hand these down to my kids. This and my LEVIs, which I hope to imagine Dixie and Winston sporting one day too.

Lily as Bulgari Ambassador

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

Lily and Miranda Kerr before The Met

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

Who is in your girl gang and by your side when watching your husband, Caleb on tour with Kings of Leon? 

My sister in laws, Jessie Martha & Johanna Followill, live in Nashville and we are a close crew.

I also love to reconnect with those by my side during the days as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, like Miranda Kerr, with whom I was lucky enough to ring in this year’s Met.

What’s on the wishlist this spring?

 A red Chanel wallet.

Name a favourite piece of jewellery.

My Serpenti Earrings by Bulgari, a gift from their Creative Director Lucia Silvestri. She remains a favourite among those I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Lily in Bulgari

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

Lily on Holiday

@lilyaldridge // Instagram

Where are you looking forward to escaping this summer?

I'm hoping to visit Japan and have my eyes on The Four Seasons in Kyoto. 

Who is in your expert circle alongside Czech?

I’m surrounded by amazing experts from my longstanding trainer Mary Helen Bowers, with whom I Facetime for sessions when on the road, to stylist Danielle Goldberg. She styled my look for The Met the last two seasons, among past Oscars and New York Fashion Weeks. 

The list goes on and on. I'm very grateful to them all!

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