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Kelly Rutherford

L.A. raised, Monaco-dwelling Kelly Rutherford on Gossip Girl, characters and costume, and angel tarot cards

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Wearing a Fay Suede Jacket

@kellyrutherford // Instagram

Hooked on your lift selfies! How did they start?

It was really to highlight the emerging brands I was discovering, and the artisans and people behind them. A lot of brands are asking me to consult off the back of it. I love creative direction and coming up with ideas and ways to market things - it’s such a cool process.

What style means to you.

I think it’s about expressing ourselves in a way that feels comfortable. As an actress, I know that a different outfit, or “costume,” can make you feel a different way, and help shape a character, and there's a lot of power in that. But, to me, it’s really about what makes me feel good.

I am very collaborative in my set wardrobes. I had a very distinct vision for Gossip Girl, and Eric Damon, the costume designer, was amazing - he offered so many options and I had so much fun with them. Things we couldn't get from elsewhere, like the Hermes bags, I would bring from home just to help the character.  Lily Van der Woodsen was a character I could really explore fashion with. Not all characters you can do that with, but even if I was playing a lawyer wearing suits all day, I would find a way to hunt down the coolest versions!

"Lily van der Woodsen was a character I could really explore fashion with. But even if I was playing a lawyer wearing suits all day, I would find a way to hunt down the coolest suits!"

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly wearing Isabel Marant double denim

@kellyrutherford // Instagram

Kelly and her mother, model Ann Edwards

@kellyrutherford // Instagram

Your style icons.

A lot of inspiration comes from my family: my grandmother, mother (model Ann Edwards), brother and my daughter, who has such an interesting style. Growing up I always loved Catherine Deneuve and Grace Kelly - these women that encapsulated old school elegance. To me, that’s what feels timeless.

The items that will forever be in your wardrobe.

For me, it’s about the accessories. Clothes are great but it's those accessories - beautiful handbags or jewellery - that are forever. Those are the pieces I’ll hand down to my daughter. I love seeing how she styles them, like a March Lab watch she recently took from my closet. 

The brands I resonate most with are those that have stood the test of time, that have maintained the same ethos through the years. Hermes is a peerless example obviously. Such integrity is beautiful.

Your experience of Paris Haute Couture.

It was my first fashion week in Europe and so much fun! It was wonderful to see the shows and meet the designers and feel the buzz of the city. Just like going to a gallery or museum, it was exciting to witness the new expressions of designers, just as you would any other art form.

Your love of interiors.

I am fascinated by interiors and want many homes as I don’t know how I would decorate just one! I lived in the Cotswolds for 5 months and adore that English countryside look, but also really love modern contemporary.

On your wishlist this summer.

I'm dreaming of taking a house somewhere close to the beach, or in Tuscany, for a few weeks with my kids and dogs. I'm waiting to get my kids’ summer schedule so I can plan, which is impossible! It's easier to just be spontaneous sometimes.  

Kelly Rutherford and Kylie Jenner at the Jean Paul Gaultier by Simone Rocha Couture show

@kellyrutherford // Instagram

On holiday in Tenuta di Murlo in Umbria, Italy

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Your wellness rituals. 

I listen to how I’m feeling each day - if I feel like I need something, like I’m a little low on magnesium or vitamin c, I’ll take it. I enjoy journalling and do my angel tarot cards every day. They really do speak to you after a while. I tend to like peace and quiet - it's a luxury to have time for yourself. Apart from Gurujas, a singer from White Sun - I love their music, it's really high frequency. 

I grew up mostly in LA so I’ve always been focused on health and wellbeing - it's kind of a normal thing when you grow up there. When I moved away from home there was a little organic market called Mrs Gooch’s (later bought by Wholefoods) in Beverly Hills and I stocked up my entire home with all non-toxic products, Beeswax candles and organic food and I’ve done that ever since.

The experts you turn to.

Doctor Will Cole is super interesting - he works with Gwyneth Paltrow helping people develop their health. He also consults for my friend Jena Covello from Agent Nateur - a really nice, very clean, beauty brand.


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