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Endlessly Love Club's Jen Ceballos

The Colombian stylesetter behind @endlesslyloveclub and the skincare brand Ken Soap shares her forever finds and the coveted items still on her wishlist

Closed Flared X wide-leg jeans

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What luxury means to you.

Luxury to me is comfort, and a desire for pretty yet useful things. 

Six items that will forever be in your wardrobe.

Vintage Levi’s, a white Saint Laurent tank, a vintage blazer, a leather biker jacket and lingerie.

The last thing you added to your wardrobe.

A RE/DONE tee with “love me or leave me” written on it.

On your wishlist.

So many things - it’s a problem! Right now, the colour black, leather, Miu Miu’s penny loafers, everything from Saint Laurent’s autumn collection, and a vintage Tiffany watch.

The beauty product that you can’t go without.

I take Ken Soap with me everywhere! I go through a tube a week, especially when traveling and my skin gets dry and the Body Soap keeps the epidermis hydrated all day long.

The inspiration behind Ken Soap.

My boyfriend was researching a product with CBD at the same time as I was suffering from acne. Trying it, I found it was the only soap that helped with the inflammation: it was actually perfect for my skin. We took the plunge and launched it together.

A wellness ritual that you swear by.

A hot bath with Epsom salts, a glass of ice cold water, and one of my self help books.

The experts you rely on.

Tammy Fender for skincare.

Jen's bathroom cabinet

@endlesslyloveclub // Instagram

Miu Miu Ballet Flats

@endlesslyloveclub // Instagram


"Luxury to me is comfort, and a desire for pretty yet useful things." 

Jen Ceballos

@endlesslyloveclub // Instagram

Your most treasured possession.

A 1995 Mercedes G-Wagon.

The piece of jewellery that means the most.

My Chanel J12 watch - a gift.

A book you would pass on.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Where you go to escape

Nature - the mountains in Medellin.

An artist whose work you will always return to

Frida Kahlo, because she broke a lot of barriers and never stopped pursuing her dreams.

Jen's Chanel J12 Watch

@endlesslyloveclub // Instagram


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