Slip Of A Thing

Discover The Esthe: layer up and peel down designs that take you from the beach to dinner, from the office to midnight revelry

When tech entrepreneur and investor, Daniela Cecilio Neves got the urge to start creating again after a hiatus raising her two daughters, she returned to her first love of fashion. Prompted by her own life experience and a desire for a feminine, adaptable style, she started mapping out the concept and designs for The Esthe.  

Visiting her native Brazil from London in Spring 2023 she met with her former boss, the bridal and evening wear designer Emmanuelle Junqueira to have a dress fitted for her sister’s forthcoming wedding. It was a moment of serendipity between the two who first met each other in Sao Paulo in the early oughts. Neves’ revealed her concept to her mentor and the two decided to partner and launch the brand together.  

The upshot is a collection of beautifully languid designs based around lingerie and layers. The slip dress is the hero design and the range includes a variety of bias-cutstyles with flattering cuts and hand sewn lace inserts all crafted in pure organic fabrics like chiffon and silk linen that are sourced in Brazil.  The base layers - sheer soft mesh turtlenecks, bralette tops and hotpants - slip underneath turning transforming the ethereal slips into viable daywear. Add one of the bold shouldered jackets and you have a look that can segue throughout the day going from opaque to semi sheer.

Emannuelle Dress

@sascha_von_bismarck //


Emannuelle Dress

@sascha_von_bismarck //


The fabrics (all featherlight) and the flattering fits have been chosen and developed with great care with the duo sense checking and road testing the designs at all points. There’s an ease of movement, a sense of liberation and clarity. Over Back in 1920s/30s Gabrielle Chanel and Madame Vionnet were two of the early pioneers of slip dressing, liberating the female body from constrictive corsetry in a movement that changed the look of fashion forever.

It’s the kind of feminine formula that works beyond fashion, and outside of the trend wheel. And a major plus, the pieces all fold into minimal packages. On introducing the brand to friends and family in London, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sabrina Elba, the response across women of all ages and shapes was ecstatic. Take note: The Esthe is a dreamy look with high performance sewn into the seams.


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