Take Flight With Taller Marmo

Design duo Yago Goicoechea and Riccardo Audisio on the influences of their fanciful new collection and life in Milan

Describe your studio and living space in Milan?

Our studio is an old factory in south Milan. The idea was to create an extension of our universe and our design influences. It is a mix of Italian design from the 60s and 70s, custom furniture mixing rich unexpected materials and crafts from different parts of the world.

Growing up in Italy and Argentina - who were the seminal influences on your sense of style?

Riccardo: My grandma was the most stylish person I knew growing up in the Piedmont countryside, but my grandma was from San Remo - a much bigger city that was booming when she was young. I remember her wearing the boldest colours, huge plastic necklaces, and a mix of all kinds of metallics. She was the first ever divorced woman in the city and used to wear a wig but only to attend the casino in the 60s.

Yago: I spent a lot of my childhood in my mother’s womenswear boutique in Argentina and that’s where I became so obsessed with clothes. My grandmother used to travel the world and bring back fashion magazines - I used to devour them and archive the advertisements.

Why the obsession with kaftans! fringes! feathers! which you make look so fabulous.

Leisure time is so underrated! Since the 80s the tagline has been the same: clothes for the working/independent/strong woman, associated with a suit or a shirt with a pencil skirt but that strong woman wants to chill, to party, to have time for herself too. That’s why the kaftan is the pillar of our brand; it’s a symbol of relaxedness and easiness. The fringes and feathers connect us to bygone eras and at the same time make everything fabulous.

Midnight Tunic and Fur Trousers

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Mrs. Ross Fringed Scarf Dress

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"The kaftan is the pillar of our brand; it’s a symbol of relaxedness and easiness. The fringes and feathers connect us to bygone eras and at the same time make everything fabulous."

Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea

How do you work together as a double act?

 In the design process, we love going with the flow and not overthinking it - we have never had success with a piece that felt too difficult to get right. Having studied art in high school, Riccardo is great with proportions and colours, for example, while I am obsessed with textiles and materials.

Name your style icons: past and present?

So many! From the past: Peggy Guggenheim, Marchesa Casati, Donyale Luna, Dalida. From the present: Rossy De Palma, Mina, Roisin Murphy, Marisa Berenson, Diana Ross, and Tracee Ellis Ross. All these women are so different but have a one-of-a-kind magnetic attitude.

Let’s unpack the influences and ideas in the new resort collection.

Riccardo: We were listening to Latin music before starting this collection, especially salsa and bossa nova and we looked at ways of connecting it with our world. Bossa nova music was very popular in Italian television during the 60s and that was our starting point.

Yago: For me, as a South American, it was a very nostalgic and happy experience because it brought back memories of summer holidays with my family in Brazil.

Who is in your inner circle?

We are surrounded by creative minds. Since the start, Francesco Scotti has photographed all our collections; Thomas Zangaro was the interior designer in charge of our studio and was Riccardo’s classmate in High School; while Silvia Bairo is a very talented illustrator, and our best friend. Katrin Alda from the brand Kalda is very close to us and she is the person to go to when we need amazing shoes.

Ubud One Shoulder Feather Dress

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Yago Goicoechea and Riccardo Audisio

How did you go about developing the bridal collection?

It was a very natural process, we realised a lot of our clients were getting married in our Mrs. Ross Kaftan and the feathered Ubud Dress, so we said, why not offer more options? The collection exaggerates details of our signature pieces, and we add bridal tropes such as trains, soft corsetry, tens of meters of ostrich feathers in a more modern, relaxed way.

5 wonderful places in Milan to visit?

To eat and drink: La Bettola di Piero and Bar Basso. For art: Pirelli HangarBiccoca. For something unexpected: San Bernardino Alle Ossa and, while in Brera, visit its botanical garden.

Where will you be spending your summer vacation?

Island-hopping in Greece: the smaller the island the better the experience.

Your favourite Italian word?

No word can beat PIZZA: no translation required.


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