It's The Season For Summer Fridays

Industry movers and shakers, and founders of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland share their skincare rituals

Summer Fridays launched in 2018 with just a single product, the Jet Lag Mask - the culmination of years of research from founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland. “It was born out of a need that both Lauren and I had at the time — which was a solution for sleepy skin.” says Marianna. “I was always jet lagged, from traveling often for work all over the world, and Lauren was pregnant and became a new mum at the time we were formulating. We both wanted a product that made us look less sleepy than we often felt! We knew the idea of "jet lag" was felt far and wide, outside of merely traveling, and we loved the idea of launching our brand with a solution.” It wasn’t long before the multi-tasking hydrating cream garnered cult status. One product at a time, the brand grew, responding to its strong digital community, the latest launch being the ShadeDrops Mineral Milk Sunscreen.

On changemaking moments.

Lauren: We've had an incredible four years, and feel so proud of the team we've built, the products launched, and the many ways we've evolved and pivoted as our world has significantly shifted. We now have products for a full morning and evening skincare routine, along with varying shades of our Lip Butter Balm, special edition merchandise, and a lot more in the works! Changemaking moments include receiving the Allure 'Best of Beauty Award' for our Summer Silk Body Lotion, being named one of WWD's top 100 greatest skincare products of all time.

On role models.

Marianna: We've been fortunate to see others before us set a successful path for women in beauty. Jen Atkin has always been a guiding light and huge supporter. We admire what Emily Weiss has built at Glossier alongside founders like Nancy Twine of Briogeo, Holly Thaggard of Supergoop, and Gregg Renfrew of BeautyCounter.

Co-founders Lauren Ireland and Marianna Hewitt

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Summer Fridays merchandise

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"Our community is and always has been core to everything we do — especially with product development. With daily feedback daily, a lot of the guesswork is removed: we have a clear idea of what people want to see from us."

Lauren Ireland

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On beauty and wellness.

Lauren: Beauty and wellness are so interconnected, and caring for ourselves trickles into everything we do. When we feel our best, we're able to operate at our best. That includes prioritising routines that create healthy habits — our morning skincare routine, our daily movement, the foods we use to fuel our mind and body — all of this is so connected to how we feel both physically and mentally. Beauty and wellness mean self-care, which means self-prioritisation, which allows us to show up as our highest selves for others day after day.

On summer beauty rituals.

Marianna: SPF, always and sun protection also allows every other step of your skincare routine to actually work. Also, this one feels more obvious — but hydrating often is so key for healthy summer skin.

Lauren: Our ShadeDrops SPF 30 Mineral Milk Sunscreen is always the last step of a daytime routine, just before makeup. Apply a nickel-sized amount to your face and fully rub in. A good hack for reapplying during the day is to use a BeautyBlender or sponge.

Beach days set

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