Stella McCartney: Take It Easy

Stella McCartney is back on a roll pioneering new conscious materials in high-on-desire cross-generational clothes

On the mark with her messaging, Stella McCartney took her roadshow to NYC to gather friends for a special Stellabration (she loves a bit of wordplay) before the Met Gala. It is 15 years since she launched the Falabella bag with its focus on next gen alternatives to leather which now include Vegea using grape bi-product from Italian vineries, plant based MIRUM®, and YATAY®, made from a mix of agricultural waste and recycled fibres and one million bags have been sold to date. 

The current collection is one of the most sustainable - crafted from 95% conscious materials - was shown at a Parisian market populated for the occasion with pioneering fashion technology firms, vintage clothes and music memorabilia. Proceeds from the shoppable market went to animal activist and responsible design initiatives. The leading looks were later shot on eco-activist-models Cara Delevingne and Quannah Chasinghorse at a Veolia recycling plant in London, in a campaign highlighting the limitless potential of the circular economy.

All-in-keeping with Stella’s focus on an “ageless” edit that “blurs the lines between genders and generations.” Archive designs are revived, and hand-me-downs (from her parents, and to her own children) are reinterpreted for today, including a showcase of Savile Row tailoring - the white pin-stripe suit a strong standout. Stella plays with proportion, juxtaposing oversized shirts and couture-like billowing sleeves with figure-hugging corsetry, while decorative crochet dresses will be this summer’s non-negotiable beach cover-up. For the evening? Stella has partnered with English sculptor Andrew Logan’s to create a series of “wearable art” - think big lip brooches - to adorn your attire.

Wool Mouline Oversized Blazer

@stellamccartney // Instagram

@stellamccartney // Instagram

SS24 Runway Look

@stellamccartney // Instagram

"An 'ageless' edit that 'blurs the lines between genders and generations.'”


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