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Known for her exquisite pearls, Sophie Bille Brahe turns her creative eye on Murano glassware

When Sophie Bille Brahe gave pearls the cool-girl treatment, it didn’t go unnoticed. Launching her eponymous range in the height of lockdown, it garnered a loyal following, as the Copenhagen-based designer cultivated a modern interpretation of the classic stone. “By nature’s magic, a small grain of sand drifts into an oyster that produces a pearl. This perfect, round, white shape – this little piece of beauty,” says Sophie. Now, she turns her hand to Murano glassware, with a series of limited-edition objets that are infused with the same passion and respect for the raw materials before her.

“Travelling to Murano and working with these extraordinarily talented people who have spent their entire lives working on this exceptional craft was both special and challenging,” says Sophie. “It's not like gold; with glass, you just have a few seconds to manipulate it while it's still heated. The history of polishing glass is also very precious. Because materials are so valuable, I feel a strong commitment as a designer to treat them with care,” she says.

Cellophane Vase

@sophiebillebrahe // Instagram

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The Cellophane Clouds Vase Collection

@sophiebillebrahe // Instagram

“A vase, in some ways, expresses the same feelings as jewels - the object is priceless and something to own for the rest of your life. I have vases inherited from my mother and grandmother: to me, they represent memories.”

Sophie Bille Brahe

The 10-piece Cellophane Clouds collection of vases is a continuation of the jewellery. “It compliments the objects that are already scattered throughout my atelier,” says Sophie. There’s the spiralled Escargot and Cristal Escargot glasses, inspired by her escargot design, and pearl-shaped vases in blush and pearl opaque that reflect the designer’s iconic pearl Peggy necklace. It’s a milestone moment. “To me, the Murano project indicates freedom. After some challenging years – there was Covid, I had a daughter, and my firm grew, all at the same time - the Murano project marks a new beginning in my life.”

Cellophane Escargot Vase

@sophiebillebrahe // Instagram

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