The Sonsie Effect

The Scandi beauty brand that Pamela Anderson fell head-over-heels for

Every now and then a beauty brand launches that cuts through the noise. Founded by Scandinavian influence Marie Von Behrens-Felipe, and, more recently, Hollywood’s no-makeup herald Pamela Anderson, back-to-basics Sonsie has done just that. 

Its name nods to the healthy appearance of skin, with the belief that “a healthy appearance is deeply connected to your inner wellbeing.” This means a simplified ingredient list and no-nonsense, progressive formulas that currently extend to three core products (the “Sonsie Bundle”): the Multi Moisture Mask, combating dryness and environmental stressors; the Sonsie Super Serum, a rejuvenating daily base coat; and the Basic Balm for lips. 

“My journey started with my own skin,” says Von Behrens-Felipe, known for a minimalist aesthetic that extends to fashion, art, and design - the Sonsie packaging testament itself. “Constant travel, endless commitments, and multi-step products had taken a toll. So I started removing the excess: consciously slowing down, simplifying my beauty routine, and eating to feel good. By focusing on my health, I noticed that my energy returned and my skin improved. Motivated by these changes and my own needs, I enlisted a team of chemists and expert formulators to help me develop a simpler, more intuitive way to care for your skin, inside and out.”

Multi Moisture Mask

@sonsieskin// Instagram

Sonsie's co-founder Marie Von Behrens-Felipe holding basic balm

Marie von Behrens-Felipe with the Basic Balm

@sonsieskin // Instagram

The approach didn’t go unnoticed, particularly by 56-year-old Pamela Anderson, in the midst of breaking beauty boundaries makeup free at Paris Fashion Week and, more recently, in a Proenza Schouler ad campaign. Looking to her skin first, the star became a Sonsie superfan so much so that, with her sons Brendan and Dylan, she acquired the brand and became co-founder alongside Marie. “To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity. I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself on my terms. I believe our differences are what make us beautiful and interesting to one another.”


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