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The Hamptons hideaway that specialises in restoring and nurturing spirit and soul


Many are dubbing this ‘the era of anxiety.’ Arguably every period in time has its complexities and troubles but today thanks to our wired existence it can be hard to put things into perspective and tune into our own rhythms. The primal need to ‘switch off’ and reset in nature was one of the triggers behind the grand design of Shou Sugi Ban House located on a 5 acre plot three miles from the ocean near Southampton.

The low lying dark charcoal barn structures date back to the 1740s and the name Shou Sugi Ban refers to the Japanese ritualistic practice of charring and preserving wood. The mission here is to allow guests to relocate the ‘self’ in the world and take time out to learn and be nourished in a myriad of ways. 

There are 13 private, 400 sq meter studios featuring fireplaces, traditional Japanese hinoki ofuro soaking tubs, and custom built furniture by local makers All Things Dirt. The estate also includes a meditation hall, spa ( Shiatsu and Reflexology are on the menu), wellness facilities and demonstration kitchen and orchard. Meanwhile for longer stays, The Residence is a private home with six rooms, a tennis court and private pool and The Inn offers 5 rooms for short stays. There's little need to leave the estate - in-house chefs cook a plant focussed menu highlighting fresh and fermented local products, house-made ricottas, rye breads and tofu.

Shou Sugi Ban House

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Watsu Water Therapy

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"The mission here is to allow guests to relocate the ‘self’ in the world and take time out to learn and be nourished in a myriad of ways."

While unwinding, there is much to engage our over stimulated minds with an excellent award winning programme of experts and spa activities. The Summer roster includes Shamanic Healing with Mar Harrsen, The Inner Glow with Juliet Lippman, Biodynamic Craniosacral Healing with Kayla Sibilia and Energy Medicine with Nicholas Pratley. 

As part of our Summer Series, we are delighted to be hosting an intimate workshop with Dr. Barbara Sturm on 26th July.

If the following verse resonates, this might be the retreat for you:

Barn’s burnt down—


I can see the moon


The Wellness Lounge

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