The Influence

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Model, mother and founder of beauty emporium Rose Inc, reveals the people, places and possessions that ignite her desire

Rosie taking time out

@rosiehw // Instagram

The last item you added to your wardrobe.

Stretch knit dresses from Khaite and GIA / RHW eco stretch leather boots. 

The piece of jewellery that means the most.

My engagement ring and my Jessica McCormack Livewire Helix Ring.

Pieces of decor you’ll never part with.

My Rose Uniacke drawing room sofas and artwork by Ed Ruscha. 

A scent with the most memories.

Jason’s cologne and The Laundress baby washing detergent I use for my son’s clothes. 

Where you go to escape.

My bathroom or office, or the Maldives!

“I have worked to create products I truly believe in. I wanted to build a brand of products with innovation at the core of everything we do, transparent ingredients, sustainable solutions and high-performance, non-comedogenic formulations.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Dressing gown and jewels

@rosiehw // Instagram

Wearing tailored trousers by The Row

@rosiehw // Instagram


Six items that will forever be found in your wardrobe.

Blazers by Totême, high heels by RHW / GIA, trench and tailored coats by Bottega Veneta, bodysuits by Khaite, leather pants by Joseph, and tailored trousers by The Row.

What luxury means to you.

Time spent in nature with loved ones.

Your most treasured possessions.

My children.

A wellness ritual that you swear by.

Regular workouts with my trainer Lucie Cowan and regular massages with Flavia Morellato.

The item that you're most proud of in Rose Inc.’s ‘The Modern Essentials’ collection.

The Rose Inc. Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer. I wanted a concealer that does it all, and this formula delivers. It was created to brighten, blur and contour while nourishing the skin, so it’s rich in active ingredients. I love that the buildable formula easily minimises the look of fine lines, redness and discolouration. It’s also longwearing and comfortable, which is key. What more could you ask for in a concealer?

The beauty experts you rely on.

Nilam Holmes for facials, Sally Northwood for my hair colour and Julia Diogo for my nails.

The best advice anyone has given to you, and that you have given to anyone.

From my mother - take every opportunity that comes your way and be kind to everyone you meet.

On your wishlist.

A holiday.

Out of office with the Celine Made In Tote bag

@rosiehw // Instagram


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