Polish Up with @RaeLondon Nails

Meet Georgia Rae, Sofia Richie-Grainge's go-to manicurist, talking about true Autumnal tones

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The colours for now?

I’m partial to deep reds and the sheen of Erica by Bio Sculpture or a warming coffee hue like Sunset Boulevard. They never go out of style.

Trends worth trying?

Naming our looks after our favourite food and beverages? Why not! So the Latte Makeup look segues into a spectrum of tonal browns with a moody cocoa polish at the forefront. 

'Sunset Boulevard' by BioSculpture

@raelondon // Press

'Jordan' by BioSculpture

@raelondon // Press

Your advice on nail shape?

For the everyday, clean girl look - an oval or almond shape. For a slicker occasions, I like a glossy black varnish in a short, soft square shape.

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