Party Personalities

Heading to a black tie or an immersive extravaganza - what’s your party persona? We scope our muses for inspiration

The Minimalist: Jasmine Tookes

Streamlined silhouettes in classic monotones and embellished cocktail dresses courtesy of classics like The Row, Monot accessorised with Tiffany and Co. allow our minimalist muse to glide through the festive season. American model Jasmine Tookes embodies an enviably polished less is more style.

“There is no such thing as a celebration without champagne in hand...”

The Extrovert: Tina Kunakey

This house-party guest adores a flutter of marabou, sequin Cinderella heels and all opportunities to lead the song and dance on any available stage. Her leading ladies include Cher, Tina Turner, Gloria Swanson and Dua Lipa. This most sociable of guests makes a beeline for 16Arlington, Taller Marmo and Area to keep the energy levitating.

“All I want for Christmas has me dragging my embarrassed girlfriends behind the DJ booth...”

The Ballerina: Francesca Hayward

From a pirouette on the stage of Swan Lake to an impromptu performance at a celebration, you will find our muse Francesca Hayward an ethereal delight. This mercurial spirit is attracted to voluminous tulle dresses, velvet slippers and pearls by femme power designers Molly Goddard, Simone Rocha and Cecilie Bahsen.

“I swap by pointe shoes for combat boots and I’m off to find the nearest Lime scooter to join friends at the happening festive soiree of the evening.”

The Surrealist: Ivy Getty

The surrealist is as likely to be found at an underground art happening as she is at a delirious costume party. Masks, ballooning silhouettes and trompe l’oeil Schiaparelli accessories turn her everyday into pure Fellini theatre. Peggy Guggenheim and artist Leanor Fini are her goddesses. Socialite and art enthusiast Ivy Getty inspires our edit of extraordinary pieces.  

“Party Tricks… start the day with NAD drips and end up at the back bar for my signature Tarot card readings.”


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