My Dearest, Dior

Parisian fine jeweller, Victoire de Castellane takes lace as her motif in her spectacular collection for Christian Dior

Seventy-seven extraordinary creations wooed viewers and clients during Couture week in Paris with de Castellane’s brilliance with vibrant colour and airy settings tantalising from every angle. The pieces, which will far outlive anyone reading this, mark a moment when the concept of jewellery seems in union with the skin and the movement of the body.  

Intricate metalwork, surgical in precision, makes mounts almost disappear, leaving rubies, sapphires, pearls, and tourmalines floating on the skin. One might admire a diamond pendant necklace fashioned after the intricate guipere lace work of Dior’s petit mains; an emerald and diamond set hanging as gently as a ribbon or curvilinear ruby and diamond earrings that curve around the lobe just so. Since her debut in 1999 with the fairy-tale Milly La Foret collection, de Castellane releases a new high jewellery collection once every five years, and this one sees her intense study of anatomy triumph.

Emerald Ring Dior High Jewelry

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La Mini D My Dior

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And while dream listing such investments, take the time to admire the new La D My Dior watches boasting hand-engraved geometric lines set with diamonds, in gold or silver-plated finishes that play on a traditional goldsmith’s ribbon. The first La D by de Castellane was launched in 2003, marked by a striking combination of materials. The latest iteration makes the lattice pattern (taken from the Napoleon III chairs that seated guests at the New Look presentation in 1947) integral to the timepiece. Time it appears can help magnify the details. 


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