Mirror Water: Eternal Wonders

The capsule beauty brand connecting mind and body

Mirror Water only launched late last year, but its founder Estée Lalonde is no stranger to the beauty industry. A content creator for the past 11 years, Estée has built a loyal community of beauty acolytes - some 1 million on her YouTube channel alone - who tune in for a daily dose of feel-good “glow-ups” and rituals that have developed into a refined routine. 

With more time on her hands during the pandemic, Estée decided to hone her extensive knowledge and formulate a range of products. “I wanted to apply my skills and build something that reflected my personal values and rituals,” says the founder. The small but mighty collection centres around Estée's self-proclaimed “obsession” with bathing. There’s the SOAK, the BUFF, the SMOOTH, and the RUB - the foundations to a restorative routine of mineral-rich bath salts and Soap Bark exfoliation, followed by intense oil and balm-based hydration. 

It is relaxation in pursuit of self-reflection that lies at the core of Mirror Water: “looking inward, turning outward.” For Estée, this comes in many forms. “My philosophy is everything in moderation, including moderation itself! Sometimes wellness is eating lots of greens and working out and other times it can mean having a couple of glasses of wine with your best friend and crying about the stresses of life. We're all trying to achieve balance, but let's not be too hard on ourselves.”

For summer body prep, Estée points to BUFF - “definitely a full body scrub! And lots of water every day, plus plenty of face masks and hair masks! Can you tell I'm obsessed with hydration? Aside from that, as a blonde, I always like to have extra highlights in the summer and a great bronzer like the new creamy formula from Rose Inc.” Time to get buffing!

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"The more I delved deeper into my obsession with bathing, the more I wanted to create a community around it."

Estée Lalonde


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