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Malene Knudsen: Sculptural Ceramics

The Scandinavian artist throws organic shapes inspired by the forests she grew up surrounded by

Curving, twisting, undulating shapes inspired by nature. Based in Copenagen, artist Malene Knudsen studied architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before launching her ceramic studio in 2020. While functional, her vases and vessels, captured in ethereal fashion on her Instagram page, are no doubt pieces of art for the home.

“I love working with clay by creating textures and shaping my own organic form language,” says Malene. “The clay is my way of telling stories of our beautiful surroundings.” Malene collects objects of nature - shells, flowers, leaves, wood and stone - to aid her storytelling, sketching out ideas on paper or turning straight to the clay to create from “pure intuition.”

”By using only raw stoneware clay, firesand and recycled bricks, the objects retain a strong connection to the earth. I wish to create something special with every piece having its own journey and characteristics. Like in every unique detail of body and nature. The beauty of imperfection.”

Medium flower vase on marble plinth

@pernilleteisbaek // Instagram

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Malene with a medium flower vase creation in cream

@stinechristiansen_ for @_maleneknudsen_ // Instagram

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”I am focused on combining art, design and functionality. It is important for me to design and create objects with a function."

Malene Knudsen


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