LYMA Laser: The Beauty Tool You Need To Know

The secret behind Hailey Bieber’s Met Gala glow? The do-it-yourself LYMA laser 

The lines between beauty and wellness are increasingly entwined as multipurpose products work hard from the inside out. Add to this the prolonged at-home spell sparking DIY tools to rival in-person beauty treatments, and change is at your fingertips. “We are all works in progress, and we have the ability to change the way we look and feel on a daily basis with the choices we make,” says Lucy Goff, founder of LYMA, a beauty brand born from two cult products: a daily supplement and laser device. “We have the power to take control and feel incredible.” 

Goff founded the company after falling ill with septicaemia at the birth of her daughter. She consulted a number of leading physicians and was prescribed a multitude of supplements to no substantial effect. It was a chance encounter with Dr Paul Clayton, a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, that provided a meaningful solution. “Paul prescribed me a new protocol using peer-reviewed, patented ingredients. These were each dosed at active levels, had a rigorous sourcing procedure, and were formulated in a way that the body could actually absorb them. Within weeks, I felt myself again. Within months I felt better than ever: I was on the path to my future self,” says Lucy. “That's when I realised that such an approach could empower people - all people - back to health, and beyond.”

Lyma Laser Starter Kit

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Supplement Starter Kit

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LYMA’s starter pack features 30 days of the supplement that boasts “one perfect formula” of 10 powerhouse ingredients, from turmeric and saffron extract to prebiotics, tackling issues including sleep, performance and anxiety. “We don’t formulate with the low-grade, generic or organic ingredients used by the rest of the industry, that aren’t proven to deliver any meaningful benefits,” says Lucy. “Instead, we exclusively formulate with evidence-based, patented ingredients at proven dosage levels to offer the highest level of preventative ageing, helping people to achieve their full potential.” 

Focusing in on the skin is LYMA’s revolutionary at-home device that uses “cold laser” technology to reach the base layer of the skin to remedy decaying tendons and cartilage and ultimately rebuild the skin’s elasticity, reduce hyperpigmentation and heal inflammation. This is a miracle-worker for issues from acne and rosacea to wrinkles and scarring, with noticeable results in 12 weeks. The best bit? The treatment is non-abrasive meaning no downtime necessary.


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