Louise Roe: Objects of Desire

Copenhagen-based designer Louise Roe on the people and places that inspire her work, including a tabletop collaboration with her daughter Sophia Roe

S.R. Carafe

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Your journey into design.

My creative journey took off when I was working in the fashion industry, and I recall approaching my first clothing collection with the same mindset to now: it's the orchestration of forms, shapes, tones and materials blending to create a cohesive look. To me, it’s essentially all about establishing balance. 

I create shapes and figures that harmonise the interior, crafting tasty objects which entice all our senses. The act of creation gives me such a burst of energy, and once I set my mind on a task, I’m determined to pursue it. Capturing a moment is all about noticing the smaller details, whether it be the intricate elements of an architectural pillar or the nuances and tactile characteristics of a particular material.

Changemaking moments.

When I decided to pursue LOUISE ROE on my own back in 2010. I felt it was the right time to fully commit to not only myself, but also to all the ideas brimming in my mind. My brand was like a hidden gem, just waiting for the opportune moment for me to dedicate my focus and attention to it. Another career-defining moment was when I eventually opened my flagship store and its accompanying café.

Louise Roe Gallery and ROE BAR.

In 2018 I found the perfect location in the center of Copenhagen, on a street and in an area where the surrounding architecture charmingly resonates with both the look and association of my collection. The location was spacey enough to create a café area, which we now call THE ROE BAR. I’ve always held a keen interest in good food and quality ingredients, coupled with a firm stance on the principles of food preparation. I apply the same ideology in my design process, using only premium materials and exercising patience.

Your inspiration.

Much of my inspiration derives from geometrical shapes and the way in which an architect might play with lines and materials. Like savoring a heartfelt meal, I love when a building can create a space around us which awakens, soothes or motivates our sense, often without our conscious awareness.


I love strolling through the city, surrounded by its preserved historical buildings, and delving into the stories of the past. And not to forget, we are close to the sea. Copenhagen is so vibrant with so much in biking or walking distance, which makes it easy to explore the diversity in the areas.

In the gallery

@louiseroecph // Instagram

@louiseroecph // Instagram

Ceramics in the studio

@louiseroecph // Instagram

Artists, designers or design periods you’re drawn to.

I have an eye for the period of Bauhaus in the 1920-30s. Carlos Scarpa is a great example of how simple graphic lines and geometric shapes can create both a robust foundation and a playful appearance. I also tend to sway a bit to the romantic eras, admiring the Hussmann style in Paris, characteristic of its aligned look. The combination and harmony between the Bauhaus period’s masculine forms and the Parisian style’s feminine aspects intrigue me. It’s all about striking a delicate balance between opposites, attracting in both directions. Although I’m not deeply immersed in jewellery design, I also really admire Sophie Buhai’s work. Her pieces are minimalistic but sculpturally thoughtful, and they exude a refined character that I particularly like.

What style means to you.

It’s about balancing and making our surroundings tasteful for the eyes, just as food stimulates our taste buds and music invigorates our ears.

"As mother and daughter, we obviously know each other very well. But our professional relationship is also complimented by a striking similarity in our tastes and preferences. Our synergy in communication and decision-making is very effective. Oftentimes, we don’t have to be together physically to reach a decision or throw ideas around."

Louise Roe

Louise and her daughter, Sophia

@louiseroecph // Instagram

Funki Lounge Table Square

@louiseroecph // Instagram

A most treasured piece in your own home.

Right now, it’s my new bed from Living Divani – it’s wide and cosy with soft upholstery. I always look forward to a good night’s sleep as it helps me keep my creative thoughts alive.

What's next.

Designing my own custom kitchen! It’s not going to be easy, though. Aesthetics are a priority, but I also have to incorporate functionality into the design, especially considering that half of my kids still live at home. Again, it’s all about balance.

On your wishlist.

I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of spring so I can make a herb garden and plant more trees in my yard. I love when the entire garden transforms into lush greenery.


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