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Loulou de Saison

Introducing Chloe Harrouche - the Parisian tastemaker behind the fledgling brand LouLou Studio. Her instinctive nonchalance is woven into the seams of these elegant garms

Chloe walking to the Chanel SS23 Show

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What luxury means to you.

Space and time. 

Six items that will forever be in your wardrobe?

There are many items in my wardrobe that I have no desire to move on: a Saint Laurent coat from my Grandmother; my first Chanel bag; a vintage Prada dress from the 90s; a Margiela era Hermès jacket. These are all pieces that I have inherited or hunted down in flea markets. Even though I do not necessarily wear them, I love seeing them come back in style, and having them in the closet comforts me. To me, they are little treasures.

When you’re 75, what will you be wearing?

I believe in a kind of ageless liberty and I hope that I will be wearing the same pieces that I do right now.

Your weekday uniform?

The codes of Loulou Studio complement my daily life well: simple, elegant pieces that go well together but that are also soft and caressing. I wanted to make everyday life easier and more fluid for me and for the women around me.

These days I seem to live in Loulou Studio jeans paired with one of our sweaters plus Khaite boots and a Chanel bag, and I am out of the door.

The piece of jewellery that means the most?

A ring with no monetary value but rich in meaning: it has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now me. 

LouLou Studio Dion Bomber

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Hermes Kelly en Desordre

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"I wanted to make everyday life easier and more fluid for me and for the women around me."

Chloe Harrouche

A wellness ritual that you swear by?

I keep one hour per week for me: that could be a massage, viewing an exhibition, taking a walk or simply spending time by myself. When you have a family and an intense work life, it’s sometimes difficult to find this space but it benefits my mental health.

Who are you influenced by?

Women who stand behind causes and fight for them relentlessly including Gisèle Halimi, Simone Weil and Frida Kahlo. In parallel, I also look to the women who surround me, all kinds of women, but mostly those who exhibit strength without being hard or distant.

LouLou Studio Pastel Yellow Top & Trousers

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Untitled by Pierre Soulages (c. 1919)

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An artist who continues to inspire you?

The painter, engraver and sculptor Pierre Soulages. He is known as the master of black for his intense abstract monochrome canvases called Outrenoir which are beautiful and luminous. Some people find his work very dark but I find the somber depth comforting and almost protective. 

The city you have the most fun in and why?

New York. There is a certain lightness and freedom that you can only find and feel in this city. It also reminds me of a time when I was younger and carefree and that sensibility is always great to revisit. 

The question you most often ask yourself?

“Is this what you really want?” “Would little Chloé agree with this decision? Would she be proud?”

Chloe in a LouLou Studio Denim Set

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Unsaid Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

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The best style advice you’ve been given?

Instead of following trends, follow your instinct. Trust it and find your balance.

Music to get ready to…

Madonna from the 80s, George Michael: music that uplifts no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Three pieces to invest in from Loulou Studio.

The ATTU Jeans feel like a tailored trouser but with the comfort and ease of denim; a transitional dress like the ARA long satin dress; and the SULAT Leather Jacket. 

The essence of Parisian style?

I don’t think there is one definitive Parisian style. It’s exactly this plurality that makes it interesting. There are so many ways people show their personality and live their lives in this city. Although I admit, there is a certain Parisian nonchalance, an attitude, a sense of subtlety.

Paco Rabanne Metallic Mini Dress

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