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Lauren Santo Domingo

From uptown galas to downtown bodega soirees, she’s likely to go to more events in one evening than we attend in one week. We ask NYC dwelling entrepreneur and co-founder of Moda Operandi, the @LSD for her party friendly tips

Khaite Oversized Blazer

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Six items that will forever be in your wardrobe.

An oversized blazer from The Frankie Shop, high-rise Slvrlake jeans, a Khaite leather jacket, a Briony Raymond gold ring, and the Dante leather clutch and Rai sandals from The Row.

Your style nuances in NYC vs Cartagena vs Paris.

London is the most dressed up city there is. I love how people make an effort for even a midweek dinner at a restaurant. In NYC, women invest in jewelry as much as fashion so even an intimate dinner at home requires a trip to the vault. Paris is surprisingly casual. Outside of fashion week, I would never wear ‘a look’; artfully disheveled is completely acceptable. Cartagena is Caribbean bohemian, think tropical Ibiza. I would rather die than be caught in sequins! And as we all know, in LA women wear gym clothes all day long. Usually black, always with a Chanel bag.

Show-stopping party pieces that you’ve got your eye on.

Paco Rabanne's 1969 Ball Brass Shoulder Bag, a Des Phemmes embroidered satin coat, Gianvito Rossi embellished slingback pumps, an Aliétte feather-embroidered tulle skirt, an Oscar de la Renta fringed crystal-grid bra top and skirt, and Khaite's Ada shearling coat.

The secret to a meaningful wardrobe edit.

Saving things that are of exceptional quality: I have a perfect pair of Zara sailor pants that are 25 years old and the shape and structure have withstood the test of time. I recently bought a designer pant that stretched out and faded on the first wear.

The style trend you're indulging in.

I love that things are oversized, especially the suiting from Frankie Shop. The silhouettes are modish and in fabrics that seem to withstand everything from sitting to spilling.

Lauren wearing custom Alaia for Met Gala 2022

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Lauren wearing Emilia Wickstead for the Acquisitions Fund 2021

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"I seek beauty, that’s what really feeds my soul more than a sound bath or a meditation session."

Lauren Santo Domingo

Your Thanksgiving plans.

I will be with my husband's family in Colombia. They have been humoring me with turkey and stuffing for the past 25 years, which I greatly appreciate.

What teenage style traits remain with you today.

Carolyn Bessette was from my hometown and I followed her every move before she became Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I once heard a story of her and her friends going to NYC to buy some exotic fragrance from a dodgy vendor on Canal Street. At the age of 15 or 16 I snuck into the city to do the same. I still wear the same scent to this day.

When you’re 75 what would you like to wear.

I will always look at photos of Nan Kempner for inspiration.

Lauren Wearing Oscar de la Renta Bubblegum Pink Raffia Dress

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Lauren Wearing Agolde 90's Leather Trousers

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The piece of jewellery that means the most.

I was obsessed with Tsarist Russian history in high school and college. By the time I was to be engaged to my husband, I had decided that my engagement ring had to feature Alexandrite. It is a unique color changing stone named after the Tsar.

A wellness ritual that you swear by.

I’m not really a wellness person. I try to look inward as little as possible. Personally I seek beauty, that’s what really feeds my soul more than a sound bath or a meditation session. A museum, a gallery… even a striking image makes me feel well.


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