A Scent Odyssey

Wild landscapes, potent sexuality, and raw nature blend together in L’Objet’s debut collection of fragrance

If I caught the scent trail of a man wearing Cote Maquis, I would be intrigued and likely smitten. L’Objet’s new fragrance was conjured up with a picture of the sun-drenched, salty vistas of the Corsican Maquis (and its inhabitants) in mind. 

“I wanted to drop you right there on the coastline.  We combined the scent of hot rocks with salty air, labdanum and a cashmere wood molecule for this mix of mineral and spice,” explains the enigmatic founder, Eliad Yifrach who started out his career as an interior designer in the U.S. before turning his talents to myth laden ceramic objets and exceptional tableware in 2004. 

There is nothing cliched about these eaux de parfum. The Rose Noire fragrance is deep, sexy as opposed to frilly and is constructed from a mix of Turkish, Bulgarian, Moroccan roses contrasted with Japanese Ceylon tea “It is a whole other take,” says Yifrach of the sultry scent.

Rose Noire Eau de Parfum // Web

Oh Mon Dieu! Eau de Parfum // Web

“I wanted to drop you right there on the coastline. We combined the scent of hot rocks with salty air, labdanum and a cashmere wood molecule for this mix of mineral and spice.”

Eliad Yifrach

Yifrach, who moved to Lisbon from New York, has channelled his fascination with raw materials into the ephemeral realm of perfume and the launch comes as a natural extension of the home scent and apothecary lines. “Everything we do is deep into craftsmanship and into the integrity of the materials and it is the same with fragrance. I wanted to know what was so special about each rose and why it becomes even more incredible when mixed with other ingredients – the permutations are endless,” adds Yifrach who packaged his trove in bell shaped bottles with crackled lacquered wood stoppers.

Bois Sauvage Eau de Parfum // Web

Côté Maquis Eau de Parfum // Web

Nature plays a big part. Bois Sauvage reminds Yifrach of the rain drenched forest that he used to visit after a downpour near his childhood home in  Israel.  The cocktail of cypress, bergamot, jasmine and tobacco is robust and grounding. The last in the series Oh Mon Dieu! (Madonna’s favourite) is also rooted in a time and a place – this time Paris in 1969 with the city burning with the energy of the social, sexual and youth revolution. That Rive Gauche air which famously caught the imagination of Yves Saint Laurent and a generation of designers is revisited in a ‘lipstick and cognac’ blend with touches of violet, incense and leather.  To trigger a late-night café tete à tete in real life, this is just the ticket.


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