Kolours Jewelry: How To Up Your Stack Game

We sit down with master stacker Magnus Thorud to talk colours, geometry and identity

“It’s so important to look back to the roots, back to where we began in 2015,” says Magnus Thorud, founder of Oslo based jewelry business, Kolours. “I wanted to apply this very Scandinavian way of thinking and dressing, and translate it to an international audience. The colours create a subtle point of difference,” says the founder who flips between Ibiza, Oslo and London.  

The collection comprises 24 designs including classic hoops, eternity rings and tennis bracelets; four karat-levels of recycled precious gold, and six ethically-sourced diamond colourways - to collect, stack, and mix and match over time. “I start with prototypes addressing what I’m missing in my stack,” says Magnus who also welcomes bespoke commissions.

Hexagon diamond hoop earrings

The latest collection focuses on hexagonal shaped diamonds

“I want to fuse the quality and solidness of a traditional jeweler, with the dynamism and agility of fashion."

Magnus Thorud

“This season is all about the hexagon,” he says of the geometric cuts, “next year the triangle, and the year after the square.” This modular approach brings a focus on the colourways, each with their own distinct meaning, or “intention”: yellow diamonds, an uplifting symbol of joy; brown for stability; and black for the inner strength of mind and body. “Identity and personal style is a manifestation of our memories, cultural references and world experiences. We create Kolours to embody this truth; with fine jewelry that lives in the space between outward expression and inward symbolism,” he explains.

Magnus is also co-founder of two Scandinavian fashion agencies. “I want to fuse the quality and solidness of a traditional jeweler, with the dynamism and agility of fashion,” he says.

Hexagon diamond tennis bracelets


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