Sweetheart Necklines to Fall in Love With

The key pieces to add to your everyday wardrobe

It was cashmere bras that sent New York knitwear brand Khaite viral. The “Eda” bralet, captured on Katie Holmes under an artfully off-the-shoulder “Scarlet” cardigan, permeated Instagram in the days following. The timing was everything: mid-pandemic as we turned to the comfort of utilitarian dressing in the most luxurious materials. And, the feeling has stuck. When we’re not relishing in the dress-up, there’s a newfound appreciation for the feel-good foundations of a wardrobe and especially those with ravishing necklines.

Khaite Katia peplum blouse

@beatrice.gutu // Instagram


Khaite Scarlet cardigan

@rikkekrefting // Instagram


“By comfort, I mean that the item has found a way to console and heal."

Catherine Holstein, Creative Director

“By comfort, I do not mean at leisure,” says creative director Catherine Holstein. “By comfort, I mean that the item has found a way to console and heal, which sounds actually rather ridiculous for an item to do, but when one thinks of their prized possession, it usually does just that.” 

Khaite is indeed elevating foundation fashion items to becoming just that - “prized” - a talent that has amassed an adoring following that counts Pernille Teisbaek, Sophia Roe and Beatrice Gutu as superfans, with influence to rival Katie Holmes. Note: try the August Bag for size: half moon is the shape of 2022.  

Khaite Valerie sweater

@pernilleteisbaek // Instagram



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