Jewellery You'll Want to Find under the Tree

The latest installment of our Christmas Edition unlocks our black book of jewellers

Pearls of Wisdom: Sophie Bill-Brahe

“I prefer to have materials stand out for their own beauty rather than for elements I have added. If there are other details involved, it’s because they are part of the story or are helping to show the beauty of the diamond or pearls.”

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Loud and Proud: Phoebe Philo

Former Celine Creative Director, Phoebe Philo Phoebe Philo releases her (near) sell out debut with gorgeous pieces to play the scales of sensuality from cool to hot for the do-it-all ladies.

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Diamonds Reimagined: Jessica McCormack

"Over the years, her exquisite yet casual approach to jewellery has attracted a legion of fans who return time and time again for new keepsakes and McCormack’s wizardry at resetting and designing stones into pieces to wear everyday."

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Up your stack game: Kolours

“I want to fuse the quality and solidness of a traditional jeweler, with the dynamism and agility of fashion."

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Under Lock & Key: Tiffany

“It’s all about unity, belonging, the universal bonds that tie us together forever—and the open-minded spirit of today’s generation.”

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Radiant Treasures: Ana Khouri

“As a jeweller, you must find a way to accentuate the natural elegance of what are arguably the most beautiful materials found on ear.h. My goal is to spin these precious materials into something that is much more than an extravagant accessory.”

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