Jacquemus: The Best in Spring Exposé

We’re taking Jacquemus' cue on how to reveal the midriff (again the season’s hottest zone) with pieces that drape, twist and reveal

The seasonal scoop (alongside the gelato colours) from La Montagne collection includes bold shouldered tailored blazers with gold snaffle belts; balloon sleeved blouses; curvilinear bra tops and zippered contouring shirt jackets with matching cigarette pants. The new spaghetti strap ruched slip dresses are a love affair in the making and a special capsule of shocking pink pieces raise the heart beat.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, hailing from the South of France, is close to his natural materials and he unveiled his latest collection on a colourfield stage set painted in grass green and azure blue. He broke the internet in 2019 with his lavender field presentation in Provence. But there’s a poignancy behind his messaging. The linens with a subtle, soft handle are woven in Europe. “Why work with 100 fabrics when you can work with 10 exceptional ones?” says Jacquemus who also works in terry cotton and satin. How circular is his thinking?  Producing in more limited quantities means items sell out. Move in fast to source your finds.

Jacquemus Le Ciuciu bag




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