J12 WANTED DE CHANEL - A Modern Icon

Our influence Jen Ceballos cites the new J12 WANTED DE CHANEL watch as the piece of jewellery that means the most

Jen Ceballos wears the J12 WANTED DE CHANEL 38mm

@endlesslyloveclub // Instagram

The first Chanel watch was created in 1987. It was The PREMIERE, its octagonal shape inspired by Place Vendôme and the N°5 perfume cabochon stopper. Six years later, the French fashion house acquired a horological home in Switzerland - the means to launching the iconic J12 collection in 2000.

Designed by artistic director Jacques Hélleu, who was inspired by sailing, specifically J-Class racing yachts, the ceramic J12 watch was the first unisex timepiece of its kind, combining strength and elegance.

This summer, the fashion house launches its latest iteration: the J12 WANTED DE CHANEL series of five limited edition timepieces. Our Influence @endlesslyloveclub's Jen Ceballos cites the 38mm glossy black ceramic style as the piece of jewellery that means the most to her - a timeless accessory to be passed down generations to come.


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