Go-slow Cyclades at Hotel Parīlio

The rolling landscape of the Cycladic island of Paros — with its mountainous topography, pine-fringed coves and white-washed fishing villages — casts a flawless frame around the beguiling Hotel Parīlio, the place to book for spring

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The great Greek poet and Nobel laureate, George Seferis declared Paros, with its gently rolling landscape, pristine beaches, mesmerizing villages and ancient treasures, to be the loveliest of all the Greek islands. It beats to its own steady drum – a sense captured at Hotel Parīlio, where, amongst 33 suites, the past, present and future are seamlessly merged in ancient-modern architecture infused with soul.

Headed up by Eliopoulos, the hotel is envisioned as the first luxury gateway on this under-rated island; a place where unspoiled natural beauty and the slow rhythms of Cycladic life prevail. Its setting, in low farmland by Kolymbithres beach, is reflected in Parīlio’s simple and elegant design, working with nature to weave in and around the rocks and pines, as dreamt up by Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium. An earthy, tonal colour palette resides indoors, punctuated by a series of ceramics sourced from the innovative Marrakech studio LRNCE.

Serene Parīlio

Parīlio Hotel

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The restaurant terrace

Parīlio Hotel

The swimming pool is a serene hangout and the restaurant rumoured to be the best on the island. Head out to the charming town of Naoassa, where restaurants are hung with the catch of the day, and the wildly beautiful beaches along the east coast for windsurfing. Then there is the short ferry ride to the neighbouring island of Anti Paros, rich with contemporary art galleries, bustling restaurants and the Beach House Hotel – reason to linger longer.


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