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When jeweller Sat Hari and actor Brad Pitt realised they were both seeking woo woo softness in life, a plaid shirt line was born

Talk about the power to manifest – jewellery designer and healer, Sat Hari had a vision of Brad Pitt (a friend) getting dressed in green cashmere. When she told Pitt her reverie, he confessed he had experienced the same vibe too. The kismet moment (only in L.A.) led to the development and launch of a singularly great label of unisex shirts – God’s True Cashmere.

Pitt is no stranger to entrepreneurial ventures – he was the one-time owner of the French Chateau Miraval vineyard with ex Angelina Jolie, runs a real estate portfolio, a production company, a charitable foundation and recently launched Le Domaine, a skincare line. Similar work warriors around the world will likely agree on a shared desire for tenderness. 

Hari, a gentle soul with luminous eyes who grew up in India, says she and Pitt “spend hours examining the colours and eco cashmere yarns,” choosing harmonious colourways for the subtle ombre plaids that are woven in Italy. Hari’s expertise (she’s behind the jewellery line, Amrit) and Pitt’s elan combine to create shirts with that quintessential sense of special. The 11 snapper buttons feature hand carved semi-precious stones such as moonstone, amethyst and emerald with 7 running down the front placket to tune into the body’s chakras.

The double act will grow the brand slowly, adding items along the way. While the shirts signal Joe/Jane ordinariness at first glimpse, the inside experience is a cocooning cloud. 

Cashmere Shirt

@berezowskiphoto for God's True Cashmere // Instagram


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