Summer Series

Glow with Dr. Barbara Sturm

From anti-inflammatory tips to essentials in her beach bag, we unpack summer health with the good doctor in The Hamptons

Dr. Barbara Sturm's Summer Beach Bag

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What’s your summer health routine?

I catch the really early morning sun, do some breathwork and alkaline the body with fresh oxygen. At home in Gstaad, I do 10 minutes each of electromagnetic mat and biking plus  20 minutes of red light therapy. If you don’t have a mat, simply walk on the earth barefoot to ground your body.

Is there good sun and bad sun?

Capture the early morning and the late afternoon rays only to avoid the UVA and UVB rays that damage our skin. When on the beach or playing tennis make sure to use a filtering and screening cream like our SPF Sun Drops for the face and a clean ingredient SPF30+ for the body.

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Luminaire at Shou Sugi Ban House

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How does inner glow impact outer glow?

Inner glow begins with happiness and presence in the now. How we take care of our body is a large part of this from our diet (supplementing with telomerase activating vitamins that combat environmentally induced inflammation and proper hydration), to our sleep. Our outer glow begins with anti-inflammatory skincare products that feed our skin and make it happy too.

What’s in your beach bag?

My essentials include the Sun Drops and a baseball cap, Nike low-dunk sneakers, Prada shorts, my daughter Pepper’s beach snacks and around my neck, a Jessica McCormack Ball n’ Chain necklace. 

On your Wishlist?

My first is that my kids are happy, contained and feel loved throughout our travel heavy summer schedule as a working mom.


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