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Diana Bartlett

The Chinese-American photographer on current keepsakes, beauty must-haves and evolving creative pursuits

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Diana wears Re/Done Jeans

@dianalouisebartlett // Instagram

Five forever items in your wardrobe.

Blue Levi’s 501s, a grey Champion hoodie, a white Flore Flore tank top, my black Hermès Birkin 30cm and black cowboy boots.

Your most treasured possession.

The diamond and white gold stack of pinky rings I curated for the jewellery designer Zuzana Spustova.

An enduring style icon.

I look to @gettyimagesfanclub.

A favourite fashion era.

Now. I’m always interested in what’s happening today and how past eras have informed our present. 

Who and what is inspiring you now.

I’m thinking a lot. I’ve just come off of a few month’s hiatus and I’m reevaluating what I’m going to make and what it will mean.

An earliest memory with photography.

Being in front of the camera as a child, understanding a form of play and dance with the photographer.

Your dream job as a child.

I wanted to be a spy which, in a way, is part of what I do now. 

In a Miu Miu mini

@dianalouisebartlett // Instagram

Christopher Esber Long Sleeve Dress

@dianalouisebartlett // Instagram

A piece of jewellery you never take off. 

A silver Hermès ring I got at a flea market in Venice, during the Biennale a couple years ago. 

Travel destination for 2024.


How you switch off.

I surf if I’m near the ocean. If I’m in a city, I’ll leave my phone at home and go for a walk.

Your morning routine.

I wake up, drink all the water I can stomach and then make both tea and coffee. If I’m working out I’ll wait until after to wash my face — non negotiables for me are iS Clinical Cleansing Complex,  Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

On the wishlist.

The Hermès 'Birkin Shoulder' from the latest collection. It's reminiscent of the JPG Birkin but for the modern woman.

What's next.

More practice, precision and pleasure.

Diana's covetable collection of Hermès

@dianalouisebartlett // Instagram


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