Crowning Glory

From the scalp, roots to the ends this clean hair care range gives your mane a workout so thorough that Gwyneth Paltrow became an investor

“My entire vision for hair, and my personal connection to it, is entirely rooted in care and ritual,” says Dianna Cohen, serial entrepreneur and founder of Crown Affair. “Just slowing down and caring for yourself, instead of working on fixing it or finding solutions which is so much of what this category is about is now ringing more true than ever.”

The lightbulb moment for the founder who grew up in Florida, tackling humidity and the chlorinated swimming pool water, happened during a Pilates class (where else?). The hazel maned Cohen became fixated by the word crown and the relationship we have with our hair.   

She saw a market for stripped back products and handmade tools with a quality of ingredients that match our skincare. Cohen who previously worked with AWAY luggage and set up her own consultancy agency Levitate, set about a side-hustle developing a comprehensive range with paraben and sulfate free ingredients like the Tsubaki Seed Oil infused Leave-In Lotion, ethically sourced Boar Bristle Brushes (blended with nylon to reduce static frizz) and plant-based acetate Tortoise-Shell pattern Clips and detangling Combs.

The Crown Affair Ritual

@crownaffair // Instagram

The Comb No. 002

@crownaffair // Instagram

“My entire vision for hair, and my personal connection to it, is entirely rooted in care and ritual."

Dianna Cohen

Launching just before lockdown provided an unexpected boon as we developed a taste for at home self-care rituals and education around ingredients. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Sephora were amongst Crown Affair’s earliest supporters and stockists leading Paltrow to invest in the nascent brand.  

The line now includes a patented powder form (aerosol free) dry shampoo applied with a blush brush, Microfibre Waffle Knit Towel Wraps and Silk Scrunchies to manage salty locks when wet and most susceptible to breakage and stretch. The Bolivian Salt Scalp Scrub does a fine job of refreshing and cleaning the often ignored scalp skin while the Leave-In Conditioner is made with ethically sourced Bergamot Yuzu and Lemongrass. The brand picked up a slew of awards including Elle Green Beauty Star, Allure Beauty Expert 2021, Cosmopolitan Holy Grail 2021, and a Glamour Beauty Award.

The design details (brush handles are handcrafted in Italian Beechwood) are well conceived while the hydrating hair perfume made with bergamot, yuzu and lemongrass with a base of sandalwood and amber has a warm and sprightly scent that signals well - kempt. “You start by accepting that taking care of your hair is a journey,” says Cohen. 

The Comb No. 001

@crownaffair // Instagram

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