Forever Time

Past, present and future fuse in Nicolas Di Felice’s vision for hyper real Parisian brand, Courreges

When recalibrating an iconic 1960s modernist brand for the current day, the lesson starts with an appreciation of how Frenchman, Andre Courreges revolted against fancy madam looks of the day and developed a geometric, athletic urban uniform to suit his generation. Cue patent leather miniskirts, crop jackets, tunic dresses and knee-high go-go boots. 

Creative director, Nicolas Di Felice who hails from Belgium, is now super charging that spirit with a keen eye on how today’s woman would wear those pieces. Check Emily in Paris in the best-selling Re-Edition crop jacket and better still, check Rosalia and Bella Hadid in the hooded leather scuba coat with giant zipper pockets based on a 1981 wetsuit. It has that back from the beach/back from a rave mystique even if you are simply popping out for a kombucha. 

Di Felice who has been piloting the brand since September 2020 is resurfacing the Courreges world on all levels with three boutiques in Paris and a flagship in NYC designed by Belgian interior expert, Bernard Dubois that are a lesson in modular living. The latest club like space on the Rive Gauche is clad in plush ivory fabric and features a curvilinear staircase, giant round ottomans and a counter devoted to the perfumes like Seconde Peau.  

Reedition Vinyl Jacket

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Tina in the Courreges Vinyl Jacket

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"To look at the past as we look to the idea of the future - as a way to create for the now."

Nicolas Di Felice

Back in the 1960s (light years ago) Andre Courreges, the engineer trained designer (and WW11 pilot) who spent ten years learning about line and cut from master Cristobal Balenciaga, championed a future facing era of fashion. Optimism is always attractive and today’s style adventurer, looking through a different lens, might enjoy Di Felice’s nostalgic futurism in the shape of a bib front dress (based on a 1974 pattern); a giant snapper front gabardine shirt or a sleeveless overall that has that borrowed from my surf buddy vibe. The collection has a straight to the point realism that stems from Di Felice’s background. He was raised in the industrial city of Charleroi, Belgium and worked under Nicolas Ghesquiere, who is a master at fusing the past with the future. The designer asked cult musicians Sene and Hyd to compose the music for the show with suitably time warp lyrics:

The first time is the forever time.

The second time is the forever time.

The third time is the forever time.

We begin with no endings, but a constant returning.

The first time is the forever time.

The second time is the forever time.

The third time is the forever time.

We begin with no endings, but a constant returning. 

Hailey in the Courreges Leather Trench

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