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Floral Glory

Vases at the ready: join brilliant florist Wagner Kreusch in creating a joyous summer arrangement, composed exclusively for Luminaire


Crafting sumptuous blooms into sculptural displays that defy convention is Wagner’s speciality. The Brazilian born creative, is called upon for spectacular gravity defying installations as well as lyrical tabletop flourishes, immersive celebratory events, and expert masterclasses. What Wagner excels at is aligning technical artistry with emotion, intuition, and an appreciation of what grows around us. “Designs reflect the world we are living in – the most important thing is to reflect one’s personality and perspective. For me, this Spring is about joy and bold colour contrasts capture that mood,” says Wagner with his infectious smile.

The son of a successful florist mother, Wagner initially trained in graphic design before moving to London. A chance sighting of a job posting at a florist’s kiosk in Liverpool Street Station, was a gamechanger. With limited English, he learnt the trade, built up a portfolio and was employed by McQueen’s to run the outpost at Claridge’s hotel. He began teaching at McQueen’s Floristry School (then in the East End) before co-founding The London Flower School. “The idea was to create a school without a genre and teach all types of floristry from Ikebana to Constance Spry, to Dutch Masters. These styles are expressive of history and culture and that’s what makes the artform so interesting,” says Wagner.  “I like to create a tension between different environments and species. Whereas Ikebana is about creating space, English floristry is about filling space and is inspired by the garden,” says Wagner of his unique fusion.

Summer daisies

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Shades-of-pink roses

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The shape of the vase is the starting point, and designs begin with creating a silhouette. “The more character the material has the better are the results.
Keep in mind how the arrangement is going to be placed whether free standing or against a wall as that dictates whether it is front facing or a 360 arrangement,” advises Wagner. The best advice is to let the elements ‘play’ and not to overthink the result. “Floristry depends on the hands of florist. It reflects gestures and body language,” says Wagner who talks to his clients to understand their vision and desires.

 His artistry is in demand. In May, he devised a full-scale canopy installation for a wedding in Mexico that involved 5000 flowers that were hand wired by 15 florists over five days. He creates designs and concepts for brands including Cartier, MatchesFashion, and Creed perfumes. “Floristry does not have to be about an excess of flowers – I always encourage people to look at what is around them and forage for pieces. A beautiful, dried branch might ‘speak’ to you, or roses from your own garden. Informal gestures are often more expressive than formal arrangements. I love helping clients find material in their own environments,” he adds. “Our relationship with flowers is never ending and every season we have a chance to express ourselves differently.”

Planning a celebratory event? Contact our team to arrange a private consultation or make a masterclass booking and treat some friends to a Wagner workshop.

Kniphofia or "red hot pokers"

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