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Are you a Diva or a Pirate? Chanel’s new vision for nails

We become attached to nail polish shades and choice of manicure styles like we become attached to our handbags. The combination of the given name, the shade, the bottle, and brush triggers an array of associations which are highly personal yet can be cultishly significant. Now, Chanel author of many iconic shades (Rouge Noir was released a civilization ago – 1994) has given its Vernis collection a revamp with an array of 24 colours (7 old favourites are carried through), new neat wide brushes and a shinier formulation.

What to cull and what to keep? The process must have been fascinating as shades including Rouge Fatale and Vendetta were ushered out and a new set of evocatively titled hues were brought in. To suit an era obsessed by sleep (or quality of) there is a white lacquer called Insomniaque, a fresh lilac shade called Immortelle and an extended line up of naturals including Particuliere – a lovely latte shade. Fuguese is a moody midnight blue, and Ovni a zesty lemon sorbet.

As manicurist Harriet Westmoreland attests, the skill is not just in shaping but selecting a shade to suit your skin tone and your temperament. There are fiery oranges and reds alongside the darkest smoky black Le Diable which must be on Kristen Stewart’s shelf.

Chanel Vernis with CC Stamp

@georgiaoliviamanicurist // Instagram

Chanel Le Vernis - Fabuliste

@chanelbeauty // Press

Chanel author of many iconic shades has given its Vernis collection a revamp with an array of 24 colours.


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