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Chandler McLellan: The New-wave Sculptor Transcending Time

Artist Chandler McLellan looks to the earth underfoot and the future unknown to sculpt unexpected interpretations from walnut and maple wood, available custom-made

Kamiya-Huci sculpture

@chandlermclellan // Instagram


“I am inspired by the past and the renditions of the future,” says sculptor Chandler McLellan, who lives and works amongst the wildly beautiful landscapes of Wyoming. A trade carpenter, with a degree in archaeology, Chandler takes a lead from the land to create sculptural woodworks – in walnut and painted maple – that are an antithesis to the man made world we live in today. “I am a believer that quality is the thing that makes art last forever and holds true cultural value,” says the artist, whose works are showcased globally. 

As much as he looks back, to archaeological artefacts and ruins, he looks forward to modern architecture and science fiction, resulting in futuristic forms carved from natural matter and in the process emphasises the innate characteristics. Escaping time, Chandler’s pieces spark a new way of thinking. “I hope to create objects that inspire stories, interpretation, and imagination, regardless of the passage of time,” he says. “I believe that the imagination is the most important feature of the human mind. It is the thing that helps us solve problems and overcome unfavourable conditions. My overriding mission is to stoke dreams and transport people to unknown places, driving the creative forces of the generations to come.” The Kamiya-Huci, pictured here, captures the intriguing organic forms of his extraordinary sculptures.


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