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Alex Rivière-Sieber

From the Med waves to mountain peaks, Alex Rivière-Sieber shares her ingredients for summer polish

Ba&sh Suit

@ariviere // Instagram

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury to me is freedom to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.

Five pieces in your forever wardrobe?

A Saint Laurent black Tuxedo blazer, ReDone Levi’s jeans, white poplin shirt dresses, James Perse T-shirts, and my Anna Greta Panconesi cashmere pullover.

From stylist to designer of your eponymous collection, what motivated you to turn to the drawing board?

Becoming a designer was always the long term goal and a dream since childhood. It was just about finding the right time. I began with capsule collections for brands (which I continue to collaborate on) and I launched my own label in 2020. My approach is less is more.

When it came to creating a home what experts did you turn to?

I grew up in my mother’s interior design studio, learning the tricks of the trade and meeting collaborators in interiors, architecture and art history. She continues to decorate on an ad-hoc basis when attracted to a project. 

My biggest inspiration is Vincent Van Duysen, who is a personal friend.

Alex Rivère Studio Allegra Tunic

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Alex at the Studio

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"Becoming a designer was always the long term goal and a dream since childhood."

Talk us through your morning routine.

When I’m not travelling (or out the night before) I like to wake at 7AM and start with a celery juice and a walk around the lake with my Australian shepherd, Domino, before heading to the studio. I am religious with my Dr. Barbara Sturm routine.

Your jewellery treasure?

My signet diamond pinky ring engraved with mine and my father’s initials. We designed it together on holiday for his last birthday.

Krimrose Jewellery

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Alex and her husband Christian in Venice

@christiansieber // Instagram

Who do you call in a fashion emergency?

My husband, Christian Sieber, who works as a financier, has a great eye.

Where are you heading this summer? 

We will be sailing in the Mediterranean and spending a few days in St. Moritz. I love driving to the mountains in August to escape from the crowds during high-season and we will be taking the Porsche.

 What’s new in your holiday wardrobe?

The Alex Rivière Studio leopard tunic is my latest staple.

Rustling up a lunch for friends – what is on the menu and the table?

My specialties include a burrata, cherry tomato and rocket salad, pasta al vongole topped off with wild strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

Alex Rivière Studio Allegra Dress

@ariviere // Instagram

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