A Holistic Haven

Style guru Alex Eagle’s latest venture, the 180 Health Club, beckons the gym adverse and tech curious into an inner city oasis that aims to unite mind and body


All agreed, extreme detoxes and punishing exercise routines are feeling a little old hat at the start of 2023. Extreme anything is unsustainable and what most of us are seeking is habitual change, not to mention education and pleasure. It's with that mind that designer and curator, Alex Eagle is venturing into health, refashioning the gym experience into a holistic playground. 

The London-based entrepreneur behind her eponymous boutiques, brands (Alex Eagle Sporting Club) and the hotel, Oakley Court, wants to break clients out of the detox to retox syndrome and reinstate balance. To that end 180 Health Club offers a menu of treatments and classes from RelaxYang yoga, to facial acupuncture and cryotherapy. 

In the true sense of a ‘club’ Eagle has invited a network of experts including Fatma Shaheen at Skin Design London and the exercise champs at Box Clever to devise site specific classes at the 180 venue, a brutalist building on The Strand which is also home to Soho Works, The Wall Group, the BFC and Karla Otto PR. It's the ideal demographic to attract into the new style health club that also offers NAD drips (administered in The Loft nearby a vegan cafe) and Icelandic French manicures (note: inverted tip). 

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Alex Eagle Sporting Club


Acupunture treatment at 180 Health Club

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"My vision was to create a beautiful, light-filled space founded on the joy of movement."

Alex Eagle

“My vision was to create a beautiful, light-filled space founded on the joy of movement,” shares Eagle of the club that is exclusive to 180 and Soho House affiliates. A day visit might encompass a liver-detoxing boost IV charged with glutathione; a session of EMS training followed by a trip to the cryotherapy chamber and brows by former Dior make-up artist, Suzanne Martin. Quirky offerings from fencing to jiu jitsu remind us all we need to keep playful spirits, as well as the metabolism, kicking. 

The Alex Eagle Sporting Club might just reinvigorate the ‘pursuit of pleasure.’ Inquire about membership here to get boxing fit and beautified.

Yoga Class at 180 Health Club

180 Health Club


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