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What or who inspired your journey into beauty?

As a youngster, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup so of course I rebelled! I would do all the girls' makeup on the bus going to school. After graduating school in Sweden, I moved to Switzerland to become an au pair for a fashion critic and journalist.  She would take me along to the shows and pass down Christian Dior and Chanel makeup gifts –  heaven! I enrolled at beauty school at Christian Chauveau in Paris.  That is where my love for makeup began, especially in stick form.

You’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest beauty icons since. How have they helped shape your career?

I take a lot of inspiration from the woman I work with. They inform my approach to skin which is about enhancement as opposed to transformation. This principle translates and resonates with so many at every age.

The best advice ever given to you?

Push yourself, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and embrace every opportunity to learn.

You grew up in L.A. and Sweden, and live in Bedford, New York. How have these environments influenced your approach?

I’ve always been interested in ingredients. Growing up in an Ashram in Sweden with parents focused on clean eating impacted me at a young age. Everything we ate was organic with  the focus on quality over quantity and that was hugely impactful on the philosophy I have developed around skincare and makeup. Westman Atelier focuses on integrity, craftsmanship, quality and performance - all of which have meaning and value.

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"I want the woman to wear the makeup, and not the makeup to wear the woman"

Gucci Westman, Founder of Westman Atelier

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What does beauty mean to you?

Confidence, ease, ritual, and wellbeing.

What is the common focus of the makeup looks you create?

I will often focus on skin, bringing something out in the individual that they may not have not noticed before: a tweak rather than a transformation. I want the woman to wear the makeup, and not the makeup to wear the woman. Prep is everything: having the healthiest, hydrated and radiant skin possible will amplify the looks you want to achieve.

What experts do you turn to yourself?

Always David Mallett for haircuts (when I am lucky enough to catch him in town) and Lionel for colour. I like the salon's Tokyo treatment, and the natural keratin treatment leading into summer to combat frizziness. The atmosphere there is so calming and peaceful. When I can’t make it into the city, I love Diana Bottino in Bedford for the best blow outs.  

When it comes to skin, I opt for Dr. Dolder's Vivaci Treatment at Greenwich Point Dermatology. For the most luxurious facial, I recommend Anastasia Achilleos in London. 

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Are you a supplement popper?

I just started taking the GRO supplements to help slow the graying of the hair – we will see how that goes! I take SEED probiotics, Vitamin D and a vegetarian OMEGA. For sleep, a CBD CBN gummy. 

The last item added to your makeup kit?

The Petal Edition, and as a special gift to myself, our brand-new Holiday oversized Train Case made in collaboration with the luxury accessory brand, Metier.

The makeup items in your party ready evening bag?

Westman Atelier Lip Suede and Squeaky Clean Lip Balm.

Where do you go to escape?

The Dominican Republic: it has a special place in our families’ hearts. Also, a daily walk with my EarPods is always great!

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3-step Vital Complexion System

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On your wishlist?

Our new Squeaky Clean Vault of 6 lip balms in the Gift Edit. 

Any emerging beauty trends that you either love or loathe?

It has been incredible seeing brands focus more and more on sustainability in terms of packaging and materials. Tackling what is better on the bigger picture is very encouraging. 

What’s next for Westman Atelier?

New categories, new collaborations, and more refillables across our brand. 


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