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Guendalina teaches us to look good and feel good from her new West London hub 


Guendalina's Studio in Notting Hill

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As a native Italian, what does the dolce vita mean to you?

I started in Italy where the beauty industry revolves around slowing down and dedicating time to one’s mind, body and skin. You may be lounging in your pyjamas but your complexion is pitch perfect. Here in London, I feel like we live in an orbit of ‘quick fixes.’ I wanted to offer rigorous treatments that become part of one’s ritual. 

Tell us about your journey into skin care.

My grandma was adamant that I enrol at beauty school. Italian beauty institutions offer up a study of the holistic self, from nutrition to facials and massage. Facials have always been my ‘thing’ as I suffered from acne. As soon as I graduated, I wanted more and moved to London to attend a master’s programme before I began practising and developing my method. 

How did you develop your signature technique featuring Buccal massaging? 

I wanted to find a technique that treated and sculpted the skin in harmony. I remember my grandma applying hundreds of creams at her dressing table, instructing me to go upwards with my hands as I moisturised. That was an early inspiration for my highly stimulating massages that work with the Buccal technique: an intra-oral massaging method to further stimulate the facial muscles.

Oxyjet as the new Botox? Can you elaborate?  

Oxyjet is the perfect addition to my manually-focussed treatments giving the skin a natural plumping effect. Medical oxygen, micro-dermabrasion, and red and blue light is a great way to improve texture and target eczema, acne or rosacea prone skin.

Model & Client Pennylane after The Signature Facial

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The Skin Sculpter Body Treatment

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Let’s unpack your body treatments.

LPG Endermologie is a combination of lymphatic drainage and sculpting that tightens the tissue over a six week ‘booster period’ followed by periodical maintenance. I fell in love with this treatment when I was underwhelmed with my massage experiences in London and thought, how about I try a machine? I lost five centimetres of pure liquid build up in the two months before my wedding. Beyond the visible effects of the lymphatic technique my skin improved, I had reduced fatigue: I was sold. 

What advice do you offer clients to practise beyond the clinic? 

It’s not about looking good for that one event but looking and feeling good long term. This comes down to constant hydration and consistency in your wellness regime. Our muscle memory is reactive and we need to train our face and body accordingly. 

When it comes to my long-standing clients, from Sabrina Elba to Carey Mulligan, some may ask me to do something outside of my service range because they trust me. I always say no. I believe in sticking to your discipline and recommending experts in your inner circle like Dr. Nina Bal for injectables. 

Guendalina's Notting Hill Clinic

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What is your daily skincare ritual? 

My routine is minimal, relying on Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and sun protection a.m. (I swap between BioEffect and Linda Kristel serums) and p.m. I use the NuFace electrostimulation device and/or a sheet mask. 

What is your taste in design?

As a native Italian, fashion, art and design are part of my ethos. I designed my studio myself and each time I visit my hometown, I come back with new finds and old treasures like my grandfather’s vintage Gucci blazer. My most recent splash-out was on a pair of mint green logo-embossed Gucci loafers. I don’t buy things out of necessity but splurge on fun items that excite me.

Name your all-time favourite vacation spots and ones yet to discover?

I will be heading to Istanbul with my husband mid-summer and in August, to the little Cycladic islands of Sifnos and Serifos. I can’t wait for the sound of waves - it is a signal to switch-off!

Escape in Sifnos, Greece

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