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Sophia Brows

There's a reason Sophia's waitlist is so long. Here, the coveted brow artist shares an insight into her work, the products she wouldn't go without, and how to tame and maintain your brows between visits.


Your journey into aesthetics.

My main inspiration has always been my love for art. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and I love being around people so I wanted to combine the two. Collaborating with clients on their brow journey is what I enjoy most.

Your changemaking moments.

It has to be the evening I decided to make my bookings invitation-only. I had a vision of one day becoming a luxury service, but I never thought I’d be focussing on how to deal with a waiting list.

What beauty means to you.

Beauty means to be bold, passionate and expressive. I think there’s so much beauty in simply being who you want to be. I really struggled to express myself the way I wanted to growing up, scared of other people's opinions.

Talk us through a treatment.

My treatments are truly bespoke, whether that's about softening the arches of the brows for a gentler expression, or a client needing a specific appointment time, or changing up the music if I can sense they've had a long day. Bespoke to me is about more than just the brows when offering a luxury service.

The beauty experts you turn to.

I turn to Dr. Barbara Sturm a lot. I think the way she has marketed herself is amazing and I dream of doing something on this level.

The best beauty advice ever given to you.

Get your beauty sleep! Something I’ve only recently listened to and wish I’d practiced sooner. A busy lifestyle can be a lot of fun, but it’s more fun when you have the energy. After all, who wants tired eyes.

A beauty icon that continues to inspire you.

Pat McGrath, always.

Earth To You castor oil // Instagram


The products that will forever be in your beauty cupboard.

My forever favourites are my black soap, Argan oil and rose water, sometimes homemade. Call me North African but I could ditch everything for these. Sometimes I do!

The last item added to your makeup bag.

The Dior 3D Maximiser - I won’t wear mascara without this.

A wellness ritual that you swear by.

Get out into the daylight within 30 minutes of waking up, even on cloudy days. It switches up my mood for the whole day.

On your wishlist.

I want to try the Augustinus Bader Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum. I also really want to get a pair of Good American leather pants. And I really want to take my first long break and visit Asia next year!


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