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Skincare expert, Fatma Shaheen has Londoners and red-carpet walkers alike enthralled with her formulations and tech smart treatments


What is your own journey into beauty and skincare and why the interest and passion?

I have 15 years of experience and my foundation was working as the MD of a Dental Spa & Medi Spa. We specialised in curating the latest facial aesthetic invasive and non-invasive treatments for every skin concern. Skin Design London was born out of my frustration with skincare that failed to deliver and harsh prescription products. My vision was to create an edit of skincare and treatment fundamentals that are easy to navigate and deliver results.

Milestone moments in your career?

An especially memorable moment was when our specialised formulations won ‘Best New Skincare Brand’ within six months of launch and the GQ Breakthrough Brand of the Year. Our partnership and clinics with John Bell & Croyden, Alex Eagle’s 180 Health Club and MatchesFashion at 5 Carlos Place (which feels like home) is a dream come true.

The Sleeping Beauty Crème

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The C-Glow Peel

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What concerns and desires do you see clients facing in 2023?

Pigmentation, acne scarring, dullness and fine lines are common concerns. Our new launch The Vitamin Skin Peels  (the foundation of the Skin Design London in clinic treatments) are designed to treat these skin conditions. Think of the peels, now available out of the clinic, as powerful boosters to supercharge your routine and bring devitalised skin back to optimum health. 

How do you go about skin diagnosis?

I start every journey by treating and improving the quality and health of your skin: it’s texture, clarity, tone, pigmentation and congestion. I take a protective and preventative approach, finishing with lifting, sculpting and tightening.

Retinol Gel Crème

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Any tips for a camera-ready face?

For your best camera-ready face, it’s all about the sculpt and glow. Whether it be Naomi Campbell, Suki Waterhouse or Camila Morrone with whom I look forward to working with again at the upcoming Oscars, it comes down to Skin Design's grounding philosophy: consistency.

Be consistent in your routine leading up to any event so you are lifted, hydrated and healthy. There are no shortcuts: focus on the CVHAR routine, as these serums are the fundamentals to the best of skin.

Let’s talk about the do and do not’s of using retinol and its impact on the skin barrier – there are such conflicting views?

We all need retinol, but a good routine is not just about one overhyped active but the recipe within the formulation. Mastering the art of retinol was Skin Design London’s mission. I use the latest in retinol technology combined with an intelligent blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients tried and tested for over thirty years that tackle pigmentation, sun-damage, and signs of ageing. It’s important to focus on the quality of actives rather than the concentration percentages.

What is your own beauty regime and when you are travelling?

For a long flight, I cleanse with a Face Bath, followed by our C-Glow Peel to brighten or Clear Skin peel to decongest, and then finished with Face Tight Serum with a touch of Designer Balm to lock in moisture.

What are your forever pieces in your wardrobe and what are you seeking out in 2023?

A blazer, I cannot live without black blazers. I love Wardrobe NYC, Raey and Saint Laurent. I also adore 70’s style maxi dresses. Black and leopard print are my go-to colour and pattern, with the occasional burst of red.

Who is in your circle of experts?

I love Brigita Freund for design, Fiona O’Leahy’s beautiful tablescapes and florals, and Barrie Griffith for my makeup - the only person I trust with my face. Kate Martin, for her brilliant photography and Alex Eagle, whom I love for everything!

The Face Bath

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Most treasured saying or motto?

I read this quote by Rumi daily to align my mind and soul especially when I am overwhelmed, feel lost or frustrated, it helps with my daily emotions. 

"When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it" - Rumi.

Where do you go to regenerate and escape?

Reformer Pilates at Heartcore where the sessions heal all my pain. To escape, I love Istanbul and Bodrum for the history, the energy and incredible food.

The most important practices one can adopt with regards to ageing?

Be mindful when spending extended periods of time in the sun. Not taking the necessary protective steps can lead to pigmentation, flare ups and premature signs of ageing. Incorporating a good SPF product with our Hydrating Serum and Sleeping Beauty Crème will also help repair and stimulate collagen production. Don’t neglect the neck and chest, these zones are just as important as the face.

The Retinol Gel Crème

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